Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Jill Vogel, CLFP

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Jill Vogel, CLFP,
President and COO,
Lease Corporation of America


““It is my firm belief that with the enhancement of technology and continuing education of team members, the equipment finance industry will continue to be an invaluable asset to the community and economy. It is important now more than ever to continue to stay connected with people in ways we never imagined and digitalization through technology has proven to be a key asset.””

Jill Vogel, president and COO of Lease Corporation of America and COO of its subsidiary, LCA Bank, has been with LCA in various roles for the past 25 years. Before being named president in March, she was responsible for the operations of the organization, including oversight of credit, documentation, customer service, collections and information technology. Vogel also plays a leadership role in risk management monitoring, internal and regulatory audits and policy creation.

Vogel is an invaluable asset to LCA and the leasing industry given her rare combination of technical leasing expertise and compassion for LCA’s team members and customers. This has been best demonstrated recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, as she has successfully led the development and implementation of LCA’s pandemic-driven payment accommodation strategies and Paycheck Protection Program plan to LCA’s more than 15,000 lease customers and equipment vendors. At the same time, she has used ingenuity and flexibility to develop and implement strategies and deal structures that allow LCA’s equipment vendors to continue to execute business during this very uncertain time while making herself available at all hours to all parties.

“Jill is known for her ability to tackle everything from transaction-related issues to more strategic matters. LCA and I were very proud and thankful of her rare combination of attributes and, in my opinion, [that] qualifies her as an important contributor to our industry,” Jeff Sugg, CEO of Lease Corporation of America and LCA Bank, says.

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