Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Kathie Capparelli

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Kathie Capparelli,
Chief Marketing Officer,
Auxilior Capital Partners

Kathie Capparelli brings more than 33 years of industry experience to Auxilior Capital Partners. She is responsible for all marketing, branding and communications initiatives for the company and works closely with the business development and sales functions in the pursuit of winning new programs. She attributes the attainment of her current role to her entrepreneurial and competitive spirit, her enthusiasm for accomplishing objectives and her leadership as a marketing professional. Capparelli delivers desired results whether managing initiatives surrounding one client, communicating the benefits her organization can bring to a partner in terms of increased sales and market share or rallying a team to seize an opportunity in short order.


“I am passionate about technology innovation in the industry and share a desire with the Auxilior organization to see service levels reach those expected and experienced in my personal life. I am a catalyst for functionality that continuously improves customer experiences and often participate in innovation projects supporting it business partners to help bring innovation projects to life.”

Capparelli has helped win, roll out and grow programs with prominent manufacturers and enabled sales partners to stand out from the competition with proposals that are laser focused on partners’ objectives as well as custom branded with the expertise of top-notch design teams.

“To be the best, successful collaboration is vital, especially in an industry where going the extra mile is a requirement,” Capparelli says.

“Kathie is the consummate marketing executive in supply chain financial services,” Steve Grosso, CEO of Auxilior, says. “She’s bright, energetic and courageous. Her background and deep experience in operations, sales and sale management gives her keen perspectives of the markets we serve. She combines her talents and skills with a passion for service and innovation. Her leadership of several transformative technology projects has built great value for our company. She’s a great business partner and a really cool person.”

Capparelli believes her mentors and colleagues are great business leaders as well as teachers. She shares her knowledge by managing Auxilior’s 10-week intern program, ensuring value is achieved by both the company and participants. In addition to her role as head of marketing, she has also served twice as dean of a rigorous six-week sales training program for recent college graduates, enlisting instructors from within the organization to invest in the sales team with curriculum as well as teaching part of the course herself.

Capparelli is also a board member of the MAGIC Charities Foundation, a nonprofit, 100% volunteer organization that advocates for and invests in the well-being of children in the areas of health, education, safety and family relationships.

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