Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Kim Morse

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Kim Morse,
Vice President of Transportation Operations,
Mitsubishi HC Capital America

During Kim Morse’s 17-year tenure at Mitsubishi HC Capital America (previously known as Hitachi Capital America), she has held various roles of increasing responsibility within the organization, including positions in both IT and operations, leading to her current role as vice president of transportation operations.


“I would like to see the equipment finance industry continue providing its members with a variety of training offerings and networking opportunities. Each leads to promoting collaboration, maintaining stability, relationship building and advocacy efforts to provide a space to grow and develop our future leaders.”

Morse oversees the operational aspects of originating and servicing transactions for the retail transportation division and the performance of the portfolio. Her teams provide the highest level of service to Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s partners as well as to customers to ensure satisfaction throughout the transaction process.

Led by Morse, the operations teams have undergone a period of significant change over the last 18 months by tackling the extraordinary challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We learned a great deal throughout the pandemic period,” Morse says. “The perseverance of the staff was amazing during such a period of uncertainty. Despite any personal difficulties the team experienced, the staff banded together to help our customers throughout the rough times and singularly focused on assisting our customers, maintaining the highest level of professionalism.”

Outside of her regular job duties, Morse enjoys participating as a mentor in Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s program to develop the next generation of leaders internally.

Morse’s professional mission is to inspire managers to develop and empower their direct reports. By creating an open environment, she encourages curiosity, creative problem solving and decision making. By providing this atmosphere of collaboration, employees are motivated to challenge themselves and their teams to try new things, develop new relationships and work beyond boundaries.

“Kim draws upon her in-depth knowledge and experience in IT, operations and customer service to drive industry growth and enable new and unique programs focusing on the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. She is a skilled and gifted leader committed to coaching and inspiring others. She is currently working on a unique program to serve a growing dealer, which requires bringing together multiple components from sales, risk and operations to achieve a common solution. This is where Kim thrives and is passionate, bringing together junior trainees with the goal of expanding their personal and professional capabilities for the future,” Sue Santos, senior vice president and chief risk officer of Mitsubishi HC Capital America, says.

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