Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Mandy Laddie

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Mandy Laddie,
Strategic Execution and Business Transformation Manager,
Regions Equipment Finance

In a relatively short tenure, Mandy Laddie has gained exposure across every area of the equipment finance and leasing space, affording her a distinctive end-to-end perspective of the business. She currently works with all aspects of Regions Equipment Finance regarding transformative efforts focusing on an exceptional client experience, prudent growth, expense reduction and continuous improvement.


“By knowing what our clients want, leveraging tomorrow’s innovative technology solutions, empowering our associates and prioritizing a positive and seamless customer experience, we position ourselves as industry leaders working together, growing our businesses and helping our clients achieve their financial goals.”

“Mandy is without doubt a shining and rising star in our industry. Cutting her teeth in documentation and growing into other roles has allowed Mandy exposure to all aspects of the equipment finance spectrum. Leveraging this experience, coupled with her unparalleled drive, Mandy has become a mission-critical member of our team, allowing us to execute on strategic priorities that have transcended our customer experience to another level,” William C. Perry III, executive vice president and director of Regions Equipment Finance, says. “Her willingness to take on seemingly insurmountable tasks and bring them to an executable fashion has been felt across the organization and our customer base.”

Laddie has witnessed the transformational journey of the industry in recent years and has enjoyed bringing unique insights and perspective to Regions, sparking Lean Six-Sigma backed strategic initiatives, agile delivered process improvements as well as automation, effective change management and client-driven value to the company’s core corporate mission and values.

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Mandy on a prior Six Sigma initiative where her recommendations necessitated major changes within the organization, which can be extremely difficult to navigate. But her highly collaborative and cross-functional approach to working with stakeholders achieved the necessary buy-in to be successful. As a result, REFCO is in a much better position for growth and enhancing the customer experience,” David Patton, strategic execution and business transformation manager at Regions and lead of the Six Sigma Greenbelt academic program, says.

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