Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Pier Snider

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Pier Snider,
North Mill Equipment Finance

Pier Snider’s journey to her current role as CFO of North Mill Equipment Finance began in the large-ticket leasing and lending industry. Throughout the years, Snider has gained experience in the private pilot and corporate jet financing industry, commercial real estate and renewable energy. She is experienced in various roles in finance organizations related to mid- and large-ticket leasing and small-ticket captive commercial lenders. In her most recent experience before joining North Mill, she was responsible for several aspects of regulatory compliance within the financial services sector supporting GE Capital’s transformation as a U.S. regulated entity.


“The past two years have been very transformative for our industry. It has forced us to work in new ways for achieving results in an unprecedented environment. Adapting is the key to success. We need to continue to bring talented people together and share knowledge to create the experience our customers and partners have become accustomed to.”

Snider has quickly earned the respect of colleagues and leadership alike with her work ethic, consistency, innovation, commitment to continuous improvement and her realization of how important the culture is within an organization. Compared with the first day that she joined the company, North Mill has grown and evolved into a completely different organization in its complexity and diversity. She is proud and very excited to have had the opportunity to support, drive and shape this successful company.

“Pier’s commitment to North Mill’s success goes beyond her incredibly diligent performance as a ’typical’ chief financial officer working with investors, banks, bondholders, auditors and accountants,” David Lee, CEO of North Mill Equipment Finance, says. “Her team of a dozen professionals manage[s] the accounting for multiple borrowing entities, numerous monthly borrower servicer and compliance reports, daily treasury and cash optimization, financial forecasts and budgeting and financial and portfolio accounting. Pier has been instrumental in designing innovative financial products and derivative capital support mechanisms for our referral partners to accelerate their strategic growth initiatives, deepening their commitment and loyalty to North Mill as a preferred funding partner. Her creativity and dedication has allowed us to grow by over tenfold the past three years and positions us to grow even further multiples in the years to come.”

Throughout her career, Snider has developed a leadership style that strives to invest in people. She focuses on developing individuals both personally and professionally and supports an open and collaborative culture. She is passionate about developing and maintaining a respectful environment where everyone is empowered and supported. She is able to assert influence without authority and remove obstacles with objective thinking, collaboration and an open-minded approach to problem solving.

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