Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Alyce Reilly

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Alyce Reilly

Senior Vice President, Credit & Funding Operations



Alyce Reilly’s journey to her current role with TimePayment began with an underwriting position at a mortgage company. Her career then shifted to a sales position at a national bank, where she learned about equipment leasing and finance and how it helps small businesses thrive and grow. That led Reilly to TimePayment. Surrounded by supportive mentors and team members, Reilly’s career has flourished. Working cross-functionally, she has been able to put her team in a position for success by evaluating opportunities through the lens of the sales team while managing TimePayment’s appetite for risk.


“I would like to see the industry make it easier for small and medium sized businesses in the country to get both information about and access to equipment finance options available to them. This would help remove the complexity in the process and will help business owners recover from the many disruptions caused by COVID-19.”

Reilly plays an important role in supporting and building relationships within the vast network of brokers and vendors that participate in TimePayment’s lease programs. She is a key member of the strategic relationship team in support of origination goals.

As part of TimePayment’s corporate governance, Reilly is an active member of the risk committee, whose responsibilities include monitoring and approving the risk policies and practices at TimePayment. The committee reviews initiatives that drive growth within a strategic framework for the company. The work Reilly does enables TimePayment to create and develop custom programs to meet the needs of niche market segments in support of new business development.

Reilly strives to be an effective leader with the ability to influence without authority and remove impediments that affect a team’s performance. She does this with a clear and intentional focus on process improvement, objective thinking, collaboration and an open-minded approach to problem solving.

“Alyce’s leadership and skill set allows TimePayment to offer hundreds of customized credit programs so our thousands of vendors can offer their customers financial products through TimePayment which rival captive financing programs. Her dedication to process automation, detailed documentation and consistent clear communication to her 20-person team is what allows TimePayment to profitably book thousands of micro-ticket leases each and every month,” Jay Haverty, president and CEO of TimePayment, says. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without her and the contributions she makes on a daily basis to the TimePayment team.”

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