Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Ashley Whyman

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Ashley Whyman

NFS Leasing
Member, ELFA
Member, Boston Bar Association


In her new role as president of NFS Leasing, Ashley Whyman is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company, driving growth and managing all key leadership functions. Whyman’s critical thinking skills, extensive legal knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative working style position her well to lead this independent equipment finance organization.


“I feel fortunate to have benefited from the support and guidance of a diverse group of industry professionals. As an industry, we need to continue to support and elevate the next generation of industry leaders by fostering growth and promoting continued education.”

After almost a decade practicing law at several Boston law firms, Whyman joined NFS Leasing in 2016 as general counsel and established NFS Leasing’s in-house legal department. In her capacity as general counsel, Whyman was responsible for overseeing all day-to-day legal affairs of the company. Whyman played a key role in maintaining and growing the NFS Leasing portfolio by negotiating, structuring and documenting complex finance transactions, collaborating on credit adjudication, managing customer workouts, and overseeing document workflow and management. Whyman has reached significant career milestones all while proudly raising a family and recently welcoming her third child.

Whyman has a proven track record partnering with challenged credit customers and business leaders throughout the industry. She values the industry’s associations and sees the benefit in learning from her mentors and building relationships. Whyman attended the ELFA Legal Forum in 2017, where she was welcomed with open arms by ELFA members and gained an even wider understanding of the intricate legal issues facing equipment finance companies. Whyman was a panelist at the 2018 ELFA Legal Forum and plans to continue and expand her involvement within the organization.

Whyman has been instrumental in aiding the rapid growth of NFS Leasing.

“Ashley’s leadership and guidance has been truly transformative. Her legal expertise, business acumen and incredible work ethic has positively impacted every sector of NFS, resulting in significant contributions to the team’s notable and rapid growth. Her unique combination of professional expertise and innate ability to lead will provide continued success to NFS and our customers as she assumes the role of president,” Cliff Rucker, CEO of NFS Leasing, says.

Whyman demonstrates a collaborative leadership style by building successful partnerships both internally and externally. She values the strong connections she has developed in the equipment finance industry and is dedicated to ensuring a positive and productive performing workplace.

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