Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Beth Tonelli Campbell

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Beth Tonelli Campbell

Director, Recruiting
CoBank/Farm Credit Leasing



As director of recruiting for CoBank/Farm Credit Leasing, Beth Campbell leads a team that is squarely focused on the vision of creating a culture of diversity and inclusion. Campbell is committed to finding the most innovative and creative recruiting strategy in the competitive labor market for the equipment finance industry.


“Senior transformational leaders in an organization can influence their associates by leading by example and by prioritizing their goals for a diverse workforce. To make significant changes, education focused on understanding unconscious bias in the interviewing and selection process must take place.”

Diversity and inclusion have risen to prominence in the recruiting landscape. Organizations must take an intentional role in improving the sourcing, recruiting, interviewing and selection process of diverse candidates.

In order to attract talent to the equipment finance sector, Campbell’s team must communicate effectively to job seekers about the culture and values of the bank.

According to Mark Loken, vice president of Farm Credit Leasing at CoBank, Campbell has attended several conferences of the ELFA in recent years and in those meetings has offered a non-leasing perspective that is helpful when assessing current industry challenges.

“In our discussion and collaboration sessions, Beth shares her experience and provides an alternative perspective, as it brings diversity into our discussion and analysis. She has been instrumental in our human capital planning and recruiting of exceptional leasing industry associates to our team,” Loken says.

As a transformational leader, Campbell works with her team to guide a vision that is inspiring and motivating. In 2019, the recruiting team opened 329 acquisitions, phone interviewed more than 1,400 candidates, scheduled interviews for 878 candidates and filled 296 positions. More than 175 external candidates were hired into the bank this past year.

Campbell began her career in recruiting and staffing in 1988. With a passion for connecting job seekers with new careers, she has embarked on a 30-year quest to find qualified candidates for job openings that span a variety of industries, organizations and functions. Talent acquisition has changed dramatically over the past three decades, with profound changes in technology, employer branding, social media and compliance. She is proud to have founded ELFA’s Equality Steering Committee as a starting point for attracting underrepresented minority groups to the equipment finance sector.


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