Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Carrie Radloff

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Carrie Radloff, CLFP

Business Development Manager
American Financial Partners
President-Elect, AACFB


Carrie Radloff started in the equipment finance industry working part-time for Manifest Funding Services (now U.S. Bank) while finishing her bachelor’s degree in accounting. Radloff had aspired to become a CPA after college but quickly fell in love with the dynamic high energy of the equipment finance world and that changed her career path. She spent 10 years with U.S. Bank working her way through underwriting before transitioning into the sales team. Radloff was interested in the third-party origination (TPO) side of the business and joined American Financial Partners (AFP) in 2008 in a sales capacity.


“Having two teenage daughters, I envision a future generation that welcomes diversity of all kinds. The future of our industry will be stronger if we focus on the talent and qualities of a person without regard to demographic characteristics. There is strength in the differences we all embody and our industry will improve as we harness those differences.”

Radloff obtained her MBA in 2006 and earned her CLFP designation in 2015. She has been active with the AACFB since 2013. She joined the AACFB board of directors in 2017 and will step into the president role in 2021.

“I am thrilled to see more women assume leadership roles within the AACFB, which will have six of the eight board positions filled by women in 2021. I believe the women in this industry are amazing. I have met so many smart, enthusiastic and sincere friends and colleagues throughout the years who are supportive and willing to help each other be more successful. We are seeing more and more women in the finance industry, including at American Financial Partners, where 80% of our workforce are women,” Radloff says.

Radloff’s favorite part of the equipment finance business is building relationships with vendors, customers, funding partners and colleagues. She enjoys going to work every day, talking with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses and helping them find solutions to fuel growth for their businesses.

“It is an incredible honor and yet came as no surprise to me that Carrie’s passion and knowledge of our business would propel her to the top of our industry. She understands each transaction from both the operations and sales standpoint. The mastery of skill that Carrie has makes everyone on her team better and allows for creative solutions that help everyone involved,” Emily Zwach, president of American Financial Partners, says. “I am excited to watch her continue to grow into her role as president of the AACFB, which will allow others to see just how much she contributes tirelessly to our industry.”

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