Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Donna Christensen

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Donna Christensen

Senior Financial Account Manager
Member, ELFA Membership Committee


Donna Christensen was first introduced to the equipment finance industry nearly 20 years ago while working for a small, innovative Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) service provider. She attended the ELFA’s annual conference and was hooked by the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of the people she met. She was excited by the rapid growth of the industry and the important role it plays in supporting businesses of all sizes.


“Who knew 2030 would arrive in 2020? My vision for the future is that we make the most of what we’ve learned during this pandemic, using technology in new and powerful ways to solve challenging problems, and that we continue, more than ever, to connect and innovate together, person to person.”

A few years later, the startup where Christensen worked was acquired by CSC, a national leader in corporate governance services, and Christensen — as senior national account executive — obtained the business of some of the nation’s largest lessors. Since that time, she has been highly effective in helping hundreds of companies implement customized UCC management solutions.

“Donna is an invaluable member of our team at CSC, and she uses her vast experience and her unique solution-oriented approach to help finance companies improve how they manage their UCC processes. Her knowledge and track record have made her a sought-after resource in the industry,” Paul Schultz, vice president of financial sales at CSC, says.

One of the things Christensen values most is the opportunity to work with a wide variety of businesses. “Every customer is unique, and there is always something to learn or discover,” Christensen says. “That makes my work interesting and enjoyable. It also matters to me that our customers trust CSC and that they know we will do our very best for them. Some of our clients have worked with us for 10 or 20 years and they are just as important as our newest clients.”

Christensen also values the relationship between the ELFA and its service provider members. Since she attended that first annual conference many years ago, CSC has participated at ELFA conferences as an exhibitor and sponsor. Christensen has served on the Service Provider Business Council and the Membership Committee and has participated in Capital Connections.

“My colleagues and I feel we are a part of this organization and know that we are valued and have a voice,” Christensen says.

Christensen is also pleased that the Women’s Council has quickly become an integral part of the ELFA. “It’s been especially exciting to see the numbers of young women entering the industry and the welcome and support they receive,” Christensen says.

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