Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Jennifer Fanz

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Jennifer Fanz

Country Sales Manager, Healthcare, DLL Group
Chair Elect, ELFA Women’s Council
Chapter Lead, DLL Network of Women
Committee Lead, DLL Diversity & Inclusion
Certified Facilitator, DLL Commercial Academy

As part of DLL’s commercial organization, Jen Fanz started with DLL in 2000. Over her 20-year career, she has held various commercial and managerial roles and focused on her commitment to both her teammates as well as her customers.

Fanz has always wanted to help others and feels being kind and human makes all the difference. She focuses on helping her team succeed professionally and grow as individuals. Her biggest passion is sharing her successes and stumbles with the next generation of leaders.


“This year began a transformation in our industry, forcing us to work in new ways with our customers and our teams. We have accelerated our digital processes to be more virtual and at the same time kept a laser focus on providing the best service to our customers through engagement and collaboration. That resiliency is key to our industry’s continued success.”

Fanz has a long history of high performance in healthcare leasing. Her strong relationship development skills, can-do approach to business and energizing personality are consistently mentioned by her customers, especially during these challenging times. As a leader, Fanz brings this same focus to her high-performing team through coaching, mentoring and driving commercial effectiveness. “It’s great to see Jen recognized as a top 50 women in our industry,” John Sparta, general manager of the HealthCare/Clean Tech Global Business Unit at DLL, says.

Fanz is most proud of starting and building the Network of Women (NOW) at DLL in 2014. A grassroots movement in Wayne, PA, NOW has evolved into a global initiative across DLL’s more than 30-country footprint. NOW is focused on the company’s women, helping them to network, build skills, advocate for one another and support themselves and their female colleagues on their career journeys.

Fanz has worked with both the ELFA Emerging Talent Advisory Council and the ELFA Women’s Council, serving as chair on the sub-committee that has planned and delivered the ELFA Women’s Forum for the past three years. She is also currently the chair-elect for the ELFA Women’s Council.

If Fanz could change one thing in the industry, it would be the need for an active focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. “The greatest day will be when we are all treated equally based upon our potential and fairly as a result of our accomplishments. When we no longer need to work towards just compensation and representation in our workplace, despite those things that make us different, we will have done what we set out to do. It will be those differences that are celebrated and recognized as impactful, powerful and greatly needed for the future success of our industry.” Fanz says.

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