Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Judi Jenks

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Judi Jenks, CLFP

Global Financial & Leasing



Judi Jenks started her leasing career in 1980 at US Leasing Corporation as a district manager assigned to Wang Laboratories Vendor Program. While there, Jenks made the Million Dollar Club every year before being promoted to western regional sales manager. Her team was the first team in the history of the company to have every rep achieve Million Dollar Club status. She presented a proposal to senior management to start a new group called portfolio management, which they accepted. A new team was hired and off and running. This provided Jenks the opportunity to learn more about the operations process, accounting, tax and credit.


“Due to my personal challenges in 2019 and 2020, I’ve learned to be strong and take one day at a time. I approach our customers in the same manner — honesty, compassion, respect, but with firmness.”

After the sale of the company to Ford Motor Credit, Jenks entered into a new area of asset management for a startup company. This rounded out her experience in every aspect of the leasing process.

Her career also has included time at AT&T Capital, Newcourt and the CIT Group. These changes were based on acquisitions, so she had the same position with different names. The industry was changing, but she continued to build solid track records with both customers and vendors in sales as vice president of the western region for CIT.

In 2009, she partnered with her husband to start Global Financial & Leasing Services. They saw an opportunity after the downturn of the real estate market to offer companies that did not qualify for traditional financing an alternative financing source. While her husband was the strategic guru, Jenks was assigned sales, operations, billing, collections, tax and asset management. The experience she gained in all these areas from her previous positions was invaluable to the startup operation. Since then, Global Financial & Leasing has grown to be listed as a Monitor 101+ equipment finance company and No. 128 in veteran-owned companies.

“Judi has touched both of our hearts by being so kind and understanding. Also by being human and not all business. As a small company, it is refreshing to know there are still people like her in the world,” Cam and Sandy Dahlke, owners of C&C Drilling and customers of Global Financial & Leasing Services, say.

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