Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Kirsten Baum

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Kirsten Baum

Senior Sales Manager
Regents Capital Corporation
Member, ELFA


Kirsten Baum is a senior sales manager at Regents Capital with 12 years of experience in the equipment financing industry. Her diverse experience has shaped her into a focused businesswoman, mentor, mother and leader.

Entering the industry in 2008, Baum quickly earned the respect of colleagues and leadership alike with her work ethic, consistency, innovation and commitment to continuous improvement. In 2014, Baum became one of the founding members of Regents Capital. With software implementation, strategic planning and targeted marketing approaches, her experience in developing a high-growth equipment financing startup is multifaceted. In 2015, she received her master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance. In 2016, she helped launch Regents Capital’s Austin, TX, branch.


“My vision for the equipment finance industry is to keep agile and view change as an opportunity. We will see enormous gains from continuous change, and the ability to adapt will be a source of real competitive advantage. As empowered leaders, we should encourage our teams to lead transformation and embrace opportunities for innovation through continuous learning, new ideas and technology.”

From a leadership perspective, Baum firmly believes in the benefits of investing in people. She focuses her time and effort on developing colleagues to help them reach their full potential, both personally and professionally. Her people-first mindset has encouraged a trust that fosters a collaborative culture. She says her biggest accomplishment is developing those with high potential into high performers.

Baum’s wealth of knowledge in the realm of finance, paired with her passion for people, have not only made her an exemplary mentor but also have contributed to her success in sales. Among her accomplishments with Regents Capital, Baum earned the Salesperson of the Year award in 2018 and 2019, a coveted honor given to the individual with the highest annual sales revenue. She attributes her success to the development and embracement of the company’s robust processes, the collaboration throughout the organization and her family’s incredible support.

“The equipment finance industry is fortunate to have Kirsten as a leader in its ranks. She joined Regents Capital at the company’s inception and has proven herself a leader and trailblazer,” Don Hansen, CEO of Regents Capital, says. “Kirsten has crushed sales records, developed new team members, consulted on the strategic direction of the company and advocated for her clients to ensure they receive the best service and solutions to their needs. Rarely does one individual balance multiple roles so gracefully, but Kirsten does. Regents and our industry as [a] whole are better because of her.”


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