Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Laura Carini

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Laura Carini, CLFP

Senior Vice President of Operations
Financial Pacific Leasing
President, NEFA


Laura Carini has successfully managed many departments throughout her history at Financial Pacific. Most notably, Carini managed business development, which ultimately led to her role as senior vice president of operations. In her current role, Carini is responsible for customer service, funding and documentation, titling, data integrity, and maintaining oversight of audit and compliance. This position allows her to help set the direction for the customer experience at FinPac.


“With the changing workplace and advancements in technology integrated into all aspects of business, agility and creativity will be needed as the equipment finance industry navigates the future. For success, focus on a more collaborative and diverse workplace in a flexible, virtual environment should allow for greater opportunities for women in decision-making roles.”

As a leader, Carini is passionate about developing and maintaining a respectful environment where all staff are empowered and supported for their individuality and valued for hard work. Carini feels a sense of responsibility to pay forward the opportunities that were afforded to her by supporting other women in the industry. It excites her to see the new faces of so many strong, intelligent women choosing a career in leasing. She is one of many women officers at Financial Pacific, which supports women in the equipment finance industry by co-sponsoring the Women in Leasing Lunch at NEFA conferences.

Carini has been asked to contribute as a speaker for many educational sessions, focusing on best practices for both funding sources and third-party originators. In addition, she is a regular contributor to the NEFA Newsline magazine. Carini currently serves as the president of the NEFA. In this role, she hopes to provide value to the membership via increased opportunities in education while also helping to implement newly formed committees for diversity, inclusion and equity as well as an emerging leaders committee. The addition of these committees will help to ensure that all have a voice in the leasing industry.

“Laura has such a broad range of experience within our organization that has enabled her to bring a unique perspective in leading operations,” Jodi Wilshire, executive vice president and CFO of Financial Pacific Leasing, says. “I appreciate the wealth of knowledge she brings to the table, never approaching anything with a singular mindset and always considering every component of the business in her decisions. Laura truly believes in a collaborative environment benefiting the company and her peers, with the needs of our customers always in the forefront, which was highlighted in 2020 with her leadership through the COVID-19 pandemic and the many challenges it brought.”

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