Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Mae G. Philpott

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Mae G. Philpott, CLFP

Senior Leasing Consultant
Quality Leasing
Member, AACFB
Member, NEFA


Mae Philpott, CLFP, has been a senior leasing consultant at Quality Leasing since 2016. She has been on the lender side of commercial equipment leasing for more than15 years and has worn multiple hats under various sales and marketing titles throughout her career. Philpott entered the industry at Dakota Financial and then moved to Maxim before starting her current position at Quality. Cutting her financing teeth in the tougher credit markets, she spent much of her early career working to legitimize the D-credit lending sector. Philpott truly believes that each tier of financing products offers a vital opportunity for business owners to grow their operations and move onward and upward.


“I have always been proud to work in a business where everyone wins if we all play fair. I often run into blatant deception, purposeful omissions and incomplete truths when reviewing transactions. My hope is that our industry comes out of this crazy time with a renewed sense of the importance of honesty and transparency in each interaction.”

“It was a battle to help people understand that just because we were financing customers with sub-prime credit profiles at risk-appropriate pricing, we were not operating with sub-prime principles,” Philpott says.

Thus began her quest to elevate both networking and business ethics across the commercial equipment financing industry.

Before entering the leasing field, Philpott held positions in PR, marketing and as a youth director, where she synthesized the enthusiastic, light-hearted approach to work that she continues to bring to each endeavor today. With the help of her assistant, Ashanta Perrin, and alongside her industry inner circle, which she calls the “Fab Five,” Philpott has created numerous networking events through the years. The most notable was a NEFA Conference after-party 63 floors above the Las Vegas Strip at the House of Blues Foundation Room. Youth work also taught Philpott that honest and sincere interactions are always the most productive. This is why she puts tremendous energy into getting to know her clients, understanding her customers and cultivating her extensive professional network.

“Mae is smart, savvy and vivacious. Her genuine interest in and care for our clients helped Dakota grow our broker base exponentially, and her Fun Funders networking events always had people lining up to get in,” Michael Green, managing partner at Dakota Financial, says.

Outside of work, Philpott maintains her passion for children. She dedicates her time to raising her son, Cabell, and daughter, Nancy Sage, as well as volunteering with her children’s school PTAs and teaching Sunday school. She says the kids keep her young at heart and the activities keep her from spending too much time working on the weekends.

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