Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Margaret Irvin

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Margaret Irvin, CPA

Senior Vice President of Operations
Verdant Commercial Capital
Member, ELFA
Member, AICPA
Member, Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants

For more than two decades before joining Verdant Commercial Capital, Margaret Irvin worked with financial service companies, doing work she loved and in a role in which she was comfortable. In 2017, she was presented with an opportunity to leave the safety of her banking job to jump to a startup company. She did not know the founding members and joining would be a huge risk career-wise. However, it was the right time for a change, so Irvin took the leap and accepted the role with Verdant Commercial Capital and became its fifth employee. The move was a turning point for Irvin.


“Our industry would benefit from a workforce that continues to look more like our customers and the world. As the next generation comes into the industry, I believe that we will continue to make strides in this direction.”

“As you grow in life, people need to take risks. Being a part of a startup was a huge risk for me,” Irvin, who is now senior vice president of operations with Verdant, says. “But I realized that if I didn’t take the job, I would have always regretted it.”

Today, being a part of the Verdant startup team is one of the accomplishments of which Irvin is most proud. In three years, she and the team have grown Verdant from a startup to the No. 6 top private independent equipment finance company.

Throughout her career, Irvin has led teams that improved efficiency and identified growth opportunities for her employers. That made her the perfect fit for the Verdant startup.

“Margaret has been an integral part of Verdant’s success. In early stage companies, each employee must bring multiple skill sets and an attitude to do whatever is needed to get the job done correctly. Margaret’s unique background of accounting, finance and operations has really been helpful for the company,” Mike Rooney, CEO of Verdant, says. “Margaret sees the big picture of how the different functions of the company need to work together. At a creative, entrepreneurial company like Verdant, making the train run on time is essential. We couldn’t have done this without our chief engineer, Margaret Irvin.”

Irvin believes in actively contributing for the good of the industry. She has worked with great mentors and role models throughout her career. With her pay-it-forward mindset, she is excited to be passing her wealth of knowledge on to others.

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