Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Robyn Gault

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Robyn Gault

SVP, Strategy & Development, Small Business Solutions Group, Business Capital Division
Member, CIT’s BeYou Women and Executive Diversity Council


During her career at CIT, Robyn Gault has focused on growing CIT’s Business Capital division for more than 20 years. In her current role in strategy and development, Gault supports growth initiatives, including the company’s new market development and digital transformation efforts.


“The day-to-day transactions we experience as consumers influence what our business customers expect. With so many choices today, there is a premium on ease, speed, communication and consistency. We need to continue to bring talented people and technology together to create the experience that customers and partners now demand.”

“Robyn has a unique way of seeing both the forest and the trees and a natural ability to translate a vision into actionable results,” Mike Jones, president of CIT’s Business Capital division, says. “She is driven by doing what is right for our customers. As a result, she has a well-earned reputation among our customers for delivering strategic thinking and strong performance, which leads to their accelerated business growth. She also does it with integrity, authenticity and positive energy.”

Gault has expanded the enterprise segment of the business to grow relationships with leading companies, including one of the world’s largest technology companies. The scalable finance technology she helped launch is now used across the company to automate the end-to-end lending journey and unlock valuable opportunities for business customers.

“I find it incredibly gratifying to hear stories from our customers about how they were able to obtain products crucial to the growth of their business by using financing in a way that feels as easy as using a credit card,” Gault says. “It motivates me to continue to understand their needs and find the best solutions.”

Earlier in her career, Gault built the franchise segment of the business, developing franchisor relationships and early-state technology to enable fast, efficient financing that supports new product rollouts for top quick-serve, fast-casual restaurant brands. In addition to driving a best-in-class experience for her customers, Gault is involved in internal efforts to develop talent and diversity and inclusion programs. She is on the leadership team for CIT’s BeYou Women, an employee resource group focused on the professional and personal development of women at CIT, and part of the Executive Diversity Council, which strives to create opportunities for employees to bring their best selves to work.

“I was so lucky to have amazing leaders that pulled, pushed and encouraged me to ‘lean in.’ Those leaders helped me navigate my personal career path in a meaningful way. Sometimes it takes a little confidence boost, earned recognition and reassurance to help someone unleash their full potential. I want to be that leader,” Gault says.

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