2023 Monitor Top Women in Equipment Finance: Dana Calumby, NFS Leasing, Inc.

Dana Calumby, Chief Financial Officer, NFS Leasing, Inc. — ELFA, AACFB

As chief financial officer, Dana Calumby is at the helm of NFS Leasing. Her role encompasses a broad range of responsibilities beyond all aspects of accounting in finance to include operational and strategic matters in addition to involvement in workouts and other critical functions at NFS. She oversees all financial and accounting functions, leads key initiatives and helps to drive and implement growth strategy.

Calumby’s journey to becoming the CFO at NFS Leasing is a compelling story of dedication, expertise in finance and accounting and proven success in the equipment finance industry. Her leadership role is marked by more than 20 years of experience in finance and a steadfast commitment to NFS Leasing, where she has been for 17 years.

During her tenure, Calumby has played a crucial role in the company’s transformation. Over the years, NFS Leasing has expanded the range of assets it finances and diversified the industries it serves. Calumby has been instrumental in implementing enhanced processes and products to support NFS Leasing’s growth. She has achieved professional success while proudly supporting her family and raising her daughter.

As the CFO, Calumby has proficiently navigated the expansion of NFS Leasing’s credit facility, resulting in the company’s increased capacity in an environment where many lenders are facing limitations. This expansion has enabled NFS Leasing to service an increasing number of customers and helped fostered the company’s continued growth. Throughout her career, Calumby has cultivated strong relationships with her colleagues, associates, customers and fellow equipment leasing and finance professionals. These relationships have contributed to her success and the growth of NFS Leasing.

“In the equipment finance industry, there’s a profound sense of fulfillment in being the solution when businesses need equipment financing most,” Calumby says. “I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with individuals who share a common goal. The diverse wisdom of industry mentors has been invaluable in shaping my career. I’ve been fortunate to work alongside a remarkable team, who share in the satisfaction of aiding businesses in their growth.”

In the intricate world of equipment financing, Calumby has a unique approach to leadership: simplicity. She comprehends the complexities of the business but believes in keeping leadership straightforward and uncomplicated.

Calumby’s ability to find simplicity amidst complexity sets her apart. Calumby’s professional mission is built on trust. She believes in fostering trusted relationships with customers and partners. Her approach to problem-solving and flexibility in finding solutions are the cornerstones of her service to businesses. In her view, building trust and maintaining collaborative relationships are essential for success in the industry.

“Dana’s leadership has been instrumental in NFS Leasing’s success,” Ashley Whyman, president of NFS Leasing, says. “Her intellectual acuity, command of finance and accounting and unwavering dedication to the company, its customers and partners have had a significant impact on our sustainability and growth. She is a true partner, and I am grateful every day to work alongside her.”

Calumby’s journey is a compelling example of what dedication, trust and simplicity in leadership can achieve in the equipment finance industry.

“The diverse wisdom of industry mentors has enriched my journey. It’s our collective responsibility to empower the rising women leaders in equipment finance, cultivating their growth and knowledge.”