Will Courts Allow Lease Cancellation in the Wake of COVID-19?

Moritt Hock & Hamroff Partners address COVID-19 lease defaults, which party to the lease bears the risk of loss — the landlord or the tenant — and if the rationale extends to personal property or equipment leases.... read more

Under Every Rock: Deep Diligence is Key for Funding Sources in 2020

In a Q&A, leaders from several funding sources discuss deal flow, marketplace competition and working with brokers. As some deals become dicey, they stress the importance of knowing your deal and maintaining deep due diligence. ... read more

Self-Disrupt or Die: A Pivot to New Technology Can Ensure Survival

Aspen Field Services’ founder Cortland Brady looks at the ways recent technology has disrupted or even completely transformed other industries, often leaving companies who failed to adapt out of business. He believes the financing and leasing industries are no different and encourages brokers, lessors and asset managers to become their own disruptors, before someone else does it for them.... read more

Gaining Altitude Across the Globe: Exciting Times for Business Aviation

Deliveries of new aircraft are up, new airframes with exciting capabilities are reshaping the market and business aviation operations are on the rise in nearly every market across the globe. In a Q&A with Monitor, Ed Bolen discusses trends that have shaped the industry this year.... read more

Presidential Election 2016: A Challenging Assignment

In January, Dexter Van Dango predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 Presidential election. In the last issue of Monitor before Election Day, he examines what’s happened in the race so far and discusses what a Hillary Clinton administration will mean for the economy and the equipment finance industry.... read more

Sunny Skies and Thunder Claps: Dexter Dissects the Revolutionary Events of 2015

Mystery writer Dexter Van Dango examines the events that shaped the industry in 2015 — perhaps a bit earlier in the year than he would’ve liked. He says this year’s business environment, economic conditions, state of the industry and competitive rivalry converged to create a memorable storm.... read more

Dexter Sounds Off, Andy Rooney Style

Monitor mystery writer Dexter Van Dango takes us through a series of rants and other reminders of how many of the folks in our industry to seem lose sight of the proverbial forest for the trees regarding our conduct with our customers and, surprisingly, even with each other.... read more

Van Dango’s ‘TOP’ Picks for 2014

In what has become an annual tradition, Dexter Van Dango offers his "TOP" equipment leasing and finance industry trends, observations and predictions for the new year. Speculating on events and circumstances that could shape the industry in 2014, he shares his wide-ranging thoughts on everything from the U.S. government and the economy to social media and legalized marijuana. ... read more

Color Outside the Lines – Innovative Strategies

Industry veteran Dexter Van Dango explains that in a world in which the more things change, the more they stay the same, nimble players willing to "color outside the lines" can sidestep stagnation by exploring innovative strategies to find new business volume.... read more

Dexter’s Glance Into the Crystal Ball

In offering his "T.O.P." equipment leasing and finance industry trends, observations and predictions for 2013, Dexter Van Dango includes input from some of his LinkedIn contacts — a diverse group ranging from specialty lessors to consultants to academicians. ... read more

Caveat Lessor: Lessons Learned from the Dewey Collapse

When law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf filed for Chapter 11 protection, it was obligated to its equipment lessors (including Winthrop Resources, U.S. Bank Equipment Finance and SunTrust) in an amount in excess of $45 million. Jeffrey Wurst and Bertrand Choe explain what led to Dewey's collapse and offer advice regarding key indicators of a potential lessee's fiscal irresponsibility.... read more

Find Yourself a Hero

If we don't find ways to improve our minds, refine our style and increase our overall performance, we stagnate. Dexter Van Dango shares his thoughts on developing your personal style by identifying your heroes — within and outside of the industry — and incorporating their traits into your own way of doing business.... read more

Kluga Lays Out Solutions…

Cobra Capital’s president Dale Kluga lets everyone have it — from Washington politicians to Wall Street bankers — as he expresses his frustration with Too Big To Fail/Too Big To Manage banks. However, he goes beyond bemoaning the current state of affairs and offers solutions in addressing these trillion-dollar banks.

... read more

Risky Business: Hog-Tied and Over-Regulated

Dexter Van Dango looks at headlines in the financial industry, both recent and not so recent, with amusement and bewilderment. From JP Morgan’s $2 billion trading loss to the selloff of CitiCapital’s various business lines, he ponders the push for greater regulation. Yet in his customary fashion, he’s able to bring a sobering perspective to it all.

... read more

M&A Outlook for 2012

In his latest take on the acquisition outlook for 2012, Bruce Kropschot notes that with the economy showing signs of improvement, new origination volume increasing, credit losses declining and financing becoming more readily available and more reasonably priced, some independent leasing companies that decided not to sell until their results improved will be in a better position to consider a sale in 2012.... read more

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