Converge 2024 Awards

Monitor is collecting nominations for the “best of the best” individuals and teams in equipment finance, which will be awarded at the National Constitution Center on May 16 as Converge 2024’s closing event.

Nominate the leaders, rising stars and teams that have demonstrated excellence in the categories below. Please note: you cannot self-nominate, unless you are nominating your team for the team recognition award.

You may make as many nominations as you would like, but please submit a new form for each nomination. The deadline for Converge 2024 awards is Jan. 26, 2024.

Disclaimer: If there are no appropriate applicants, Monitor may not award any single recognition.


  • Lifetime AchievementMonitor will award the Lifetime Achievement recognition to a leader of great importance who contributed to the groundwork and existing structure of the equipment finance industry. This person has created a new path of opportunity for members of the industry and has a track record of founding or leading successful companies.*
  • Most Influential Woman of the Year – The Most Influential Woman of the Year has advanced, pioneered and championed for other women. She has a track record of outstanding accomplishments and creating new paths of opportunity for women. – Click here to nominate.
  • Champion of Diversity – The Champion of Diversity takes a stand for diversity and encourages the practice of including or elevating people from a range of different backgrounds, races/ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations. – Click here to nominate.
  • Next Gen / Rising Star – The Next Gen/Rising Star is an industry leader 40 years of age or younger who has demonstrated commitment to the equipment finance sector through extraordinary contributions to their company and the industry. This person actively works to develop the skills and knowledge to drive their leadership. – Click here to nominate.
  • Leader of the Year – The Leader of the Year demonstrates exceptional and inspirational leadership, has made an enormous impact on the people they lead and has contributed significantly to the equipment finance industry over the last year. This person is known among colleagues and peers for taking a human-centered approach to leadership and for developing rising talent. – Click here to nominate.
  • Creating Change and Innovation – The Creating Change and Innovation awardee is a thought leader who has started dialogues and/or introduced innovative methods, ideas, best practices or products within their companies or within the industry that have led to lasting and meaningful change.
    Click here to nominate.
  • Mentor Extraordinaire – The Mentor Extraordinaire is an equipment finance expert who actively and openly shares their knowledge of the sector with others. They mentor within and outside of their organization, with a track record of positive influence on their mentees. – Click here to nominate.
  • Community Impact – The Community Impact awardee is hands-on in community work that positively impacts others’ lives, expressed especially by devoting time, attention and generous financial contributions to causes that promote the welfare of others. This person’s mission revolves around giving back to the community and a desire to make a difference. – Click here to nominate.
  • Industry Advocate – The Industry Advocate reaches outside of the industry and has volunteered time and effort into “extracurricular” industry involvement, such as associations, foundations, boards or other initiatives that strengthen the industry. – Click here to nominate.
  • Equipment Finance Team of the Year – The Equipment Finance Team of the Year has demonstrated excellence in both their area(s) of focus and in key elements of their company’s culture that drive the organization. – Click here to nominate.
  • MVP Behind the Scenes – The MVP Behind the Scenes has supported and/or created best practices in the industry in their area of expertise (legal, tax/accounting, operations, credit, technology, etc.). Their role in their organization is important, but not always publicly visible. – Click here to nominate.

*Monitor is not accepting nominations for Lifetime Achievement – this will be decided solely by the Monitor team and the Converge Award Committee.

Converge 2024 | May 15 – 16, 2024 | Philadelphia, PA

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