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Monitor 101 2022 | Vol. 49, No. 5

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2022 Monitor 101+: This Year's Companies Report Double-Digit Increases in Assets and Volume

By Phil Neuffer

This year’s Monitor 101+ companies featured a wide range of players, with the group combining to increase total assets by 20% and new business volume by 30.8% even as economic pressures such as inflation, supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine continue to mount and throw uncertainty on projections for the future. ... read more

Beware of the IoT

By Paul Bent

Paul Bent is back with a history lesson on the “Internet of Things” as well as an update on protecting your firm from the liability of data collection, internet connectivity and potential threats to equipment assets in the ever-connected world of the internet. ... read more

The Employee Side of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

By Markiesha Thompson

The conversation around diversity, equity and inclusion is aimed at companies and organizations and missing its other audiences: the diverse candidates organizations are seeking. Shanna B. Tiayon, founder and chief practitioner at Wellbeing Works, speaks with Monitor about measures people from underrepresented communities can utilize in the corporate workplace.... read more

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Where Do You Start?

By Markiesha Thompson

The success or failure of a company’s DE&I efforts depends on the measures they take, as well as the practicality of those measures. Andrew Tarsy, principal at Emblem Strategic, discusses how companies can begin to dig deeper and make practical steps towards improving and implementing DE&I into their workplace cultures.... read more

Get Real: What DE&I Work Actually Requires

By Markiesha Thompson

Diversity, equity and inclusion has become a well-known phrase, but not everyone knows exactly what DE&I work entails. With societal norms continuing to evolve and the demand for acceptance growing, Dr. Arin N. Reeves, managing director and president of Nextions, spoke with Monitor about the ways DE&I can shift an industry.... read more

DE&I Belongs to Everyone

By Markiesha Thompson

As the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion rises rapidly, Melba Hughes, executive director and national in-house diversity practice leader at Major, Lindsey & Africa, shares steps leaders can take to advance their DE&I initiatives.... read more

Mentoring and Sponsorship Are Essential to Creating a Diverse Leadership Team

By Ian Koplin

What can companies do to ensure a path to leadership is open and welcoming to employees from underrepresented backgrounds? David Miles from Eastern Funding sits down with Monitor to share his experience. He says having a DE&I committee is not enough and believes mentoring and supporting employees, especially those from historically disadvantaged demographics, is not only economically feasible, but wholly overdue in corporate America.... read more

Lessons from Pro-Sports Psychology: How Inclusion and Belonging Enable Innovation, An Interview with Jen Croneberger, Culture Change Consultant

By Deb Reuben, CLFP

In an exclusive interview, Jen Cronenberger shares her knowledge on creating safe and inclusive spaces and discusses how leaders can show up for their employees in a more inclusive manner. Her passion for helping clients become their best helps them build a more progressive workplace culture.... read more

James Jang: Keeping The Customer First

By James Jang

The best place to get information, knowledge and guidance in the equipment finance industry is from leaders and people currently in the industry. James Jang, president of Accord Financial, speaks to Monitor about his time in equipment finance to help provide guidance to those new to the industry.... read more

Vince Knowlton: Taking the Wheel

By Vincent Knowlton

Entegra Capital has seen some trying times between rising interest rates, the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the company and its clients and a rise in the price of diesel fuel. But despite all adversity, the company has broken into the Monitor 101 with blazing success. Led by CEO Vincent Knowlton, Entegra is set to succeed in 2022 and beyond. ... read more

Brij Patel: Executing on All Cylinders

By Brij Patel

Brij Patel, founder, president and CEO of Alliance Funding Group, has the small-ticket lessor growing rapidly, something it’s been doing for more than 20 years. With an eye on growing originations while managing risk and adapting to new technology, Patel aims to keep on going. ... read more

Mitch Rice: Finding Success During Unpredictable Times

By Mitch Rice

Commercial Capital Company is dedicated to providing the best experience for small business owners and equipment vendors. Mitch Rice, CEO at Commercial Capital Company, shares with Monitor how he came into the industry and has consistently remained successful in his endeavors.... read more

Peggy Tomcheck: Staying the Course and Returning Time

By Peggy Tomcheck

Peggy Tomcheck of Aspen Capital Company attributes her company’s rapid success in the last year to two things: the unwavering relationships and support of her lending partners and her decision to give her employees what they universally want the most: time. ... read more


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