2023 Funding Source & Top Private Independents Issue

Mar/Apr 2023 | Vol. 50, No. 2

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Staying Strong: Monitor's Top Private Independents Rose to the Occasion in 2022

By Rita E. Garwood, By Phil Neuffer

Despite a litany of macroeconomic challenges, in another banner year, Monitor’s Top 30 Private Independents built on a record-setting 2021 to produce a 30.8% increase in new business volume in 2022.... read more

All Quiet on the M&A Front: Macroeconomic Environment Puts Hold on Dealmaking in Early 2023

By Phil Neuffer

Merger and acquisition activity has come to a veritable standstill in early 2023 after a sluggish 2022. Brent Ferrin of Houlihan Lokey discusses how the market will evolve throughout the rest of the year and how businesses are taking a more long-term approach. ... read more

When Giving Becomes Contagious: The Equipment Finance Industry’s Power to Give Back

By Shawn Smith

The equipment finance industry can do more than negotiate deals and write checks; it can also drive positive change for all of society. The National Equipment Finance Association is doing its part to lead the charge. ... read more

Independent Roundtable - Time to Be Nimble: How Independents Are Navigating the Leadup to Recession

In a rising rate environment on the verge of a recession, independent equipment finance companies are conquering challenges and finding opportunities. Monitor spoke with leaders from several independents to get an inside look at their approach and expectations for 2023. ... read more

ELFA Innovation Roundtable: Bold Questions & Bringing Innovations to Life

During the ELFA’s Q1/23 Innovation Roundtable hosted by Deborah Reuben from TomorrowZone, members of the association’s Innovation Advisory Council discussed adopting an innovative leadership mindset, enabling curiosity and ensuring employee longevity. ... read more

Cost of Doing Business: The Funding Source Perspective on a Turbulent Economy

Representatives from Amur Equipment Finance, NFS Leasing and SLR Equipment Finance share their thoughts on how a rising rate environment, geopolitical events and other factors are affecting deal flow, the cost and availability of capital and more. ... read more

Shooting for ‘Kryptonite-Proof’ Innovation: An Interview with Jennifer Martin

By Deborah Reuben, CLFP

Team behavior is a critical enabler of successful innovation. Jennifer Martin of Key Equipment Finance spoke with Deborah Reuben about her work in youth basketball and how it has illuminated important professional parallels for her work leading teams at a professional level. ... read more

Tipping the Scales: eVTOLs: Recent FAA Certification Activity and an International Perspective for an Emerging Unicorn Technology

By Shari B. Domow Bacsardi

In part two of a series, Shari B. Domow Bacsardi, Dillon A. Redding and Alexander R. Lowitt explore substantive updates to the Federal Aviation Administration’s intended Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft (eVTOLs) certification process.... read more

Doing the Work - DE&I: It All Starts with Leadership

By Markiesha Thompson

Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in the equipment finance industry have grown recently. Christopher Johnson, senior vice president and president of financial services at Pitney Bowes, and Michael Baez, vice president for professional services and customer strategy at Leasepath, spoke with Monitor about the importance of leadership in advancing these efforts. ... read more

Economic Factors and Uncertainty Plague M&A Activity in 2022: 2023 Will Likely Have Its Share of Challenges

By Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson provides an overview of M&A activity in the equipment finance industry from 2022 as well as an assessment of the current market. While independents continue to be an attractive acquisition target for banks, several challenges block the return of more robust acquisition activity. ... read more


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