2023 Innovation Issue

Jan/Feb 2023 | Vol. 50, No. 1

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2023 Most Innovative Companies

Monitor's third annual Most Innovative Companies list highlights individuals and companies who have pushed ahead in the categories of innovation, industry disruption, culture, reinvention and sustainability. ... read more

The Future of AI — Biased or Unbiased?

By Markiesha Thompson

Will AI take over the world? Should it? Prejudices like racism and sexism show up in AI programming and software that is supposed to be neutral. In an increasingly technological world, Monitor takes a closer look at the ways this innovation can be harmful.... read more

The Playmaker Mindset - an Innovation Superpower: An Interview With Jeff Rogers

By Deborah Reuben, CLFP

How are your improv skills? Improvisation can be measured by your ability to play and be in the moment. Deborah Reuben interviews bestselling author Jeff Rogers about how improv relates to design thinking and can protect us from disruption. ... read more

“Moneyball Moments” in Equipment Finance

By Scott Nelson

Billy Bean and Paul DePodesta changed baseball forever by trading a human judgment-led approach for a data-based strategy that propelled the Oakland A’s to a 20-game winning streak. Scott Nelson and Tim Appleget from Tamarack Technology explore the ‘Moneyball Moments’ available to equipment finance through the use of data and analytics. ... read more

Best Practices for Rolling Out New Tech: It’s Time to Prepare for the Future of Smart Work

By Alistair Canal

As the market dramatically changes, technology adoption has become a necessity. But how can companies ensure that they are adopting the right tools with their teams in mind? Alistair Canal from Syndifi breaks down best practices for a common sense approach to digital transformation. ... read more

Looking Over the Fence: What Equipment Finance Can Learn from the Insurance Industry

By Phil Neuffer

When seeking out new ways to innovate, equipment finance companies could benefit from looking at the work being done in other sectors, such as the insurance industry, where embedded technology and usage-based offerings are part of a great innovative wave. ... read more

Solving the Paradox: How to Prepare Your Business for Constant Transformation

By Phil Neuffer

John Hagel, best-selling author, futurist and keynote speaker at Monitor’s upcoming 50th anniversary celebration, provides guidance on how companies can adapt to rapid transformation of the global economy via long-term strategies built on capturing future opportunities rather than being beholden to short-term results. ... read more

Six Trends That Will Shape 2023

By Dillard Van Dango

Dillard Van Dango explores six trends and hot takes that will shape the equipment finance industry in 2023, exploring M&A, syndication, specialization, regulations, investing in human capital and artificial intelligence. ... read more

The Immense Potential for Climate Equipment Finance

By Patricia Voorhees

Investment in climate equipment finance has been growing and several recent events are likely to accelerate the pace. Patricia Voorhees from The Alta Group provides an overview of climate finance, including immediate opportunities, deal structuring and the resources lessors will need to participate. ... read more


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