The 2023 Monitor Icons Issue

September/October 2023 | Vol. 50, No. 7

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Letter from the Editor - 2023 Icons Issue

By Rita E. Garwood

The centerpieces of this edition are five profiles celebrating the recipients of the 2023 Monitor Icon awards. Two other themes have emerged throughout the features within this issue: opportunities in the international market and technology.... read more

With the Right Knowledge, Nearshoring Presents a Significant Industry Growth Opportunity

By Rafael Castillo-Triana

As global supply chains continue to shift in the wake of the pandemic, nearshoring presents an opportunity for the equipment finance industry. Rafael Castillo-Triana and Juan Dodds explore policies and best practices to guide investment in Latin America.... read more

Leasing Opportunities In The Mexican Market

By Brianna Wilson

Monitor caught up with Alfredo Espino, managing director at FGI Equipment Finance, to discuss opportunities, obstacles and frequently asked questions about financing equipment in the Mexican market.... read more

Unlocking Greater Efficiencies: Evolving Tech Solutions for Structured Underwriting in a Hybrid Working World

By Andrew Carman

The shift to remote and hybrid work has rapidly transformed the way we work, including our approach to underwriting both small and large-ticket transactions. Andrew Carman explores how newer technologies can help remote working risk teams underwrite more effectively.... read more

How Law Firms are Changing — and Can Change — to Keep Pace with the Equipment Finance Industry

By Lewis J. Cohn

As the equipment finance industry evolves, the law firms that serve the industry are called to make changes as well. Lewis J. Cohn explores how law firms can remain competitive while taking an innovative, proactive and consultative approach.... read more

A Solid Foundation: Choosing a Microservices Architecture Approach

By Eldon Richards

In today’s business landscape, your business is often only as strong as the technology architecture upon which it has been built. Eldon Richards explores the benefits and challenges of several architectural types and what secured lenders should look for in their technology partners.... read more

Preparing Your Deal for its Last Stop: Funder Submission

By Don Cosenza, CLFP

Every broker wants to improve the chances of their deals crossing the finish line. Don Cosenza outlines how third-party originators can use the ‘six c’s of credit’ to paint a full financial picture for lenders and improve the odds of having a deal approved.... read more

Rising Rates & Regulations: The Evolving Landscape for Third-Party Originators

By Rita E. Garwood

Third-party originators are finding opportunities as traditional funding sources tighten lending standards while regulations and new technologies are simultaneously creating challenges. Monitor reports on the AACFB Commercial Finance Expo and provides insight from brokers on the biggest issues they are facing today.... read more

Innovating Change By Design: An Interview With Sobat Khawaja & Brooke Foster

By Deborah Reuben, CLFP

Change is a necessary component of every company’s strategy today, but how can you ensure the transformation initiatives you take on achieve the desired outcomes? Deborah Rueben sits down with Sobat Khawaja and Brooke Foster of Provectus Consulting to learn more about how to thrive through transformation.... read more

Nudum Pactum

By Stephen T. Whelan

Before you close your next deal, have you triple checked to ensure that the contract with the borrower is enforceable? Stephen T. Whelan examines Balboa Capital v. Okoji Home Visits and outlines five steps you can take to avoid a nudum pactum outcome.... read more

2023 Monitor Icon: Bill Carey - Evolving Equipment Finance with Enthusiasm and Hard Work

By Bill Carey

Bill Carey, senior vice president and assistant general counsel at EverBank, a winner of one of Monitor’s 2023 Veteran Icon awards, credits numerous individuals, associations and experiences for shaping him into a successful attorney in the equipment finance industry who has created a lasting legacy.... read more

2023 Monitor Icon: Don Campbell - At the Forefront of the Deal

By Don Campbell

Don Campbell, chief risk officer at Auxilior Capital Partners, is one of this year’s winners of Monitor’s 2023 Veteran Icon award. Campbell details his rise to success and the long journey to his current role while remembering pivotal mentors and doling out wisdom to aspiring leaders.... read more

2023 Monitor Icon: Miles Herman - Leading with a Drive for Growth and Change

By Miles Herman

Miles Herman, CEO of LEAF Commercial Capital, is best defined as a caring and encouraging leader who truly cares about his people and his clients, treating everyone around him like his own family. As this year’s Monitor Current Leader Icon, Herman shares his story of becoming the best leader he can be.... read more

2023 Monitor Icon: Bette Kerhoulas - Pioneering a Path for Women in Equipment Finance

By Bette Kerhoulas

Bette Kerhoulas was one of the first women to do many things in the equipmnent finance industry, and even as she transitions out of full-time work, she continues to inspire and encourage those around her as a pioneer for women in finance.... read more

2023 Monitor Icon: Kevin Hall - An Eye for Adaptation

By Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall takes a practical approach to his role as vice president of capital markets at Mitsubishi HC Capital Canada, surrounding himself with a team of knowledgeable experts that have transformed the platform just three short years into his mandate. This year’s NextGen Icon Award goes to Hall for his current successes but also his untold future potential.... read more

Fear Not: The Only Way to Fail with Technology is to Do Nothing

By Andrew Baird

Monitor checked in with four technology leaders to learn more about how AI is impacting the industry and which technology is table stakes today. They also share one vital message for equipment finance leaders.... read more


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