The First Annual Best Companies in Equipment Finance

Jan/Feb 2024 | Vol. 51, No. 1

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Ending the DE&I Debate: Critical Focus Areas for Equipment Finance

By Eric McGriff

Diversity, equity and inclusion have become politicized. How do we address injustices while maintaining a commitment to fairness? Eric McGriff outlines nine critical focus areas for equipment finance.... read more

Converge 2024: Creating an Innovative Future with Peter Hinssen

By Brianna Wilson

Monitor is hosting Converge 2024 on May 15 – 16 in Philadelphia to build the future of the industry with companies that want to be disruptive and innovative. Monitor chose the event’s keynote speaker, Peter Hinssen, to inspire and challenge Converge’s audience to turn ‘business as usual’ operations upside-down.... read more

The Generative AI Future for Equipment Finance: It’s Time to Think About How to Make it Happen

By Valerie L. Gerard, By Denis Stypulkoski

What are the practical applications of AI in equipment finance? What can it do today and what can we train it to do tomorrow? Valerie Gerard and Denis Stypulkoski explore possibilities for streamlining sales, documentation, underwriting, asset valuation and more.... read more

Lytle Brings a New Perspective to Equipment Finance

By Rita E. Garwood

As the first woman to lead the ELFA, Leigh Lytle brings a new voice and outlook to the industry. In an interview with Monitor, she identifies seven opportunities and challenges the equipment finance industry faces today and outlines the association’s goals to address them. ... read more

1st Annual Best Companies in the Equipment Finance Ecosystem

Recognizing the lenders, service providers, associations, fintech enablers or any other top-notch companies that have demonstrated excellence in Innovation, ESG, Leadership, DE&I or Culture in 2023... read more

What’s Your Company’s Innovation Type?

By Denis Stypulkoski, By Brianna Wilson

Innovation is not just a buzzword; it’s a science, an art and an intentional practice that exists in many forms. Denis Stypulkoski outlines how to identify your company’s innovation type.... read more

Nine Common Traits of the Best Company Cultures

By Rita E. Garwood, By Tom Casey, By Martin Golobic, By Steve Grosso, By Dominic Janney, By Mike Jones, By Brij Patel, By Alan Sikora, By Shawn R. Smith

Does your company have a winning culture, or is there room for improvement? The leaders of companies selected for Monitor’s 2024 Best Companies list in the culture category share the traits that set their companies apart and discuss nine common themes inherent in the best company cultures.... read more

The Lifelong Learning Mindset: Leaders Shouldn’t Know Everything

By Chris Craft, By Carmen Delfi, By Kyin Lok, By Brian Noble, By Brad Peterson, By Kirk Phillips, By Justin Tabone, By Mike Zambetti

Leaders of Monitor’s Best Companies in the Leadership category discuss how effective leaders contribute to the success and well-being of their teams, organizations and communities by fostering a positive and productive environment.... read more

Five Steps to Adopt and Maintain Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

By Brianna Wilson

Monitor’s Best Companies in the DE&I category share examples of how establishing a companywide definition of diversity, equity and inclusion and maintaining best practices that truly matter to and benefit their employees and communities have led to organizational success.... read more

Leading The Way: Lenders Weigh in on ESG in Equipment Finance

By Stephane Arsenault, By Brent Hazzard, By Brian Holland, By Daniel Mello, By Hugh Swandel, By Jennifer Warren

The equipment finance industry can lead customers, clients and other equipment finance companies toward an electrified, emissions free and sustainable future. Monitor sat down with six industry professionals to discuss how we can achieve these goals while advancing profitability.... read more

The Basics of a Global Landscape

By Sudhir Amembal

In the first edition of Monitor’s new international column, Sudhir Amembal, chairman and CEO of Amembal & Halladay, discusses some of the what’s, why’s and how’s of the global equipment finance market.... read more

Beyond the Stage: A Speaker's Guide to Conquering the Fear Factor An Interview with Chris Cummins

By Chris Cummins

Is fear holding you back from something? Whether it’s innovation, public speaking or personal goals, fear keeps us in our comfort zones. Deb Reuben interviews Chris Cummins about how to embrace curiosity, learn forward and conquer fear. ... read more

CFO CHATS: Mastering Complexity to Solve Customer Problems

As a leasing salesperson, knowledge of your products and pricing are just the beginning. To truly become an asset to customers, you must help solve their problems. Bill Bosco presents a hypothetical sales call that demonstrates how knowledge wins customers. ... read more


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