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2023 Monitor 100 Letter from the Editor

By Rita E. Garwood

In what has already been a big year for Monitor, I’m excited to bring you the annual Monitor 100. As the home of our flagship ranking report, the Monitor 100 issue is always a special event for us each year, but it seems particularly important as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.... read more

The Amazing, Stupendous And Fully Autonomous Leasing Machine

By Paul Bent

We take a look into the future, to the year 2073, when Monitor (which has gone on to be known as Monitroid) celebrates its 100th anniversary and the leasing industry contemplates its most recent development — the fully autonomous equipment leasing system.... read more

Working Capital: New Opportunities for Equipment Finance

By Brianna Wilson

Many equipment finance companies have started offering working capital loans as an accompaniment to equipment finance products. Monitor sat down with Adam Peterson, managing director at Channel, to discuss the benefits of offering working capital solutions as an equipment finance company.... read more

Butterflies and Caterpillars: Exploring Major Themes from Converge

By Phil Neuffer

One of the key components of Monitor’s Converge event in June was a Future-Focused Workshop designed to spark transformation in the equipment finance industry. Throughout the day-long conference, many themes emerged, including new business models, outside disruptors, bringing the customer along and, yes, artificial intelligence.... read more

Equipment Leases V. Equipment Financings: Acknowledging The Similarities

By Ken P. Weinberg

This special edition of Dispatches from the Trenches, co-authored by Ken Weinberg and Moorari Shah, winners of the ELFA’s Award for Legal Excellence, explores the similarities between equipment leases and financings, especially considering recent interest rate disclosure legislation.... read more

Lights, Camera, Action! Connecting The Dots With Bill Stainton

By Deborah Reuben, CLFP

Comedy writing might seem like it has nothing to do with equipment finance, but sometimes it takes looking outside of your industry to learn how to innovate. Deb Reuben of TomorrowZone spoke with Bill Stainton, an Emmy-award winning television writer and producer, about how collecting outside knowledge and perspective can be the catalyst for innovation.... read more

Fully Equipped: How Equipment Finance Executives Are Dealing With Today And Preparing For Tomorrow

By Brianna Wilson

Monitor sat down with five equipment finance executives to talk about the past, present and future of equipment finance through the lens of recent banking collapses, high interest rates, a looming recession, emerging technologies, new leadership strategies and more.... read more

2023 Monitor 100: Growth Amid Economic Anxiety

By Rita E. Garwood

The Monitor 100 companies continued to chart steady growth despite a looming recession, ongoing inflation, a rising rate environment, climbing capital costs and mounting margin pressure. With a recession in the forecast and a cooling job market, the group continues to contend with supply chain challenges while striving to become more efficient and effective companies.... read more

Vivek Kaushal: Consistent Differentiation Leads to High-Flying Success

By Vivek Kaushal

Vivek Kaushal has navigated Global Jet Capital upward by focusing on providing differentiated solutions to customers while empowering his talented team. In the face of economic upheaval and the emergence of game-changing technologies, Kaushal vows to stick to those core priorities.... read more

Joe Leonard: Consistently Building and Retaining Customer Relationships

By Joe Leonard

Joe Leonard is one of the founders of Oakmont Capital Services and for the last 25 years, he has led the company by prioritizing customer service and retention. Now that Oakmont has entered the Monitor 100, Leonard is even more dedicated to its continued growth.... read more

Michael Ward: Cookies, Color Runs and Customer Service

By Michael Ward

Michael Ward has developed a thriving leasing operation at Prime Alliance Bank by recruiting and developing top-tier talent and, more importantly, ensuring the bank delivers incredible customer service, particularly to its many broker partners.... read more

Martha Ahlers: Developing Today to Succeed Tomorrow

By Martha Ahlers

Developing employees is the key to successfully building a company and a portfolio, according to Martha Ahlers, president of United Leasing & Finance. By prioritizing constant improvement, Ahlers has United on track to simplify processes for customers and meet the challenges of the future.... read more

Gregory Kalescky: Taking Care of Your People

By Gregory Kalescky

Gregory Kalescky, president and CEO of Transport Funding, says taking care of your team translates to your team taking care of your customers. Enlightened by almost 40 years of experience in the equipment finance industry, Kalescky shares what he thinks is most important for leading a company.... read more


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