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From Average Joe to Sergio: How to Become a Master of Sales

Sergio Garcia recently won the 2017 Masters Golf Tournament after 18 years without winning a major tournament. Linda Kester uses his experience as a lesson for sales people to achieve the volume of their dreams.... read more

Vuja De: Sales Tips from George Carlin

If there’s one thing a salesperson puts off, it’s prospecting. Taking an idea from comedian George Carlin, Linda Kester encourages reps to take a vuja de approach to making those dreaded calls — by striking an attitude they’ve never experienced before.... read more

Accelerate Your Success: 5 Tips From Top Sales Books

Linda Kester shares five favorite sales tips from recently published books that will help salespeople land meetings with prospects and improve their outlook. Her suggestions also will assist managers who wish to improve their sales team and company culture.... read more

Creating Confidence: Overcoming Resentment to Boost Your Sales

Have you ever wondered why two salespeople working for the same company can have completely different experiences? Linda Kester says this all comes down to attitude. A confident rep will attract customers, while those who focus on fear and resentment are more likely to make bad decisions. She offers tips to create self-confidence and build new customer relationships.... read more

Digital Revolution: 14 Tips to Increase Sales With Technology

Technology has changed the game for everyone in equipment finance, including sales people. While the digital age has provided advancements, it has also ushered in an obsession with data. Linda Kester shares 14 tips that utilize technology to improve sales without getting lost in the CRM system.... read more

Eight Tips for Success: Help Your Company Break Into the Monitor 100

Linda Kester offers eight tips to help leasing professionals increase sales and cultivate client relationships. If your company didn’t make it into this years’ Monitor 100, she promises that next year could be different.... read more

Proving Your Value & Gaining Trust: Six Tips for Landing Vendors

While the road map for generating volume has changed significantly thanks to technology, some sales techniques remain the same. Linda Kester shares six strategies for acquiring new vendors.... read more

Sales Tips from a World Series Hero: Mastering Fundamentals, Perseverance and Practice

In a Q&A with Ron Swoboda, Linda Kester captures the former baseball player’s thoughts on success and how to create a winning team. Swoboda offers useful advice for sales professionals, including mastering fundamentals and communication through perseverance and practice.... read more

Make vs. Take: Labeling Leads, Creating Strategies & Seeing Results

All potential leasing customers are not the same, which is why Linda Kester says labeling prospective accounts as a “make” or a “take” will help sales reps increase their volume. She explains the characteristics of each label and the best methods to transform these prospects into customers.... read more

Charting a Course to Sales Success: A Q&A to Jumpstart Results

Linda P. Kester lists six essential questions that will facilitate smooth sailing in the never ending quest for success in sales. She says by taking action, visualizing success, thinking positive, setting goals and being persistent, salespeople can generate more volume and commission.... read more

When a Prospect Goes Dark: 9 Tips to Engage an Elusive Lessee

What happens when your sure-thing prospect falls off the radar? Linda Kester provides nine tips for leasing salespeople to bounce back when a prospect goes dark. ... read more

Prospecting & Football

In both equipment leasing and football, Linda Kester sees similar traits needed to build a winning team. Here she offers five steps to getting your sales squad off of the sidelines and into the game.... read more

Targeting Customers for Tax Leases

Middle-market and large-ticket lessors target potential tax lease customers by looking for customers with negative tax positions. The tax positions that will often cause a customer to choose a tax lease are the Net Operating Loss, Investment Tax Credits, Valuation Allowances and Alternative Minimum Tax positions. Bill Bosco explains that it’s all in the footnotes.... read more

Attention Sales Managers: Nine Tips to Enrichment

Great sales managers are just like salespeople ... hard to come by. Linda Kester offers nine tips for any sales manager seeking to empower and enrich his or her staff.... read more

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