2022 Fall Conference Issue

September/October 2022 | Vol. 49, No. 6

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Rising Inflation and Risk Management: Prykull Answers 8 Timely Questions

By Kevin Prykull, CLFP

In an exclusive Q&A with Monitor, credit expert Kevin Prykull answers eight timely questions regarding risk management amid rising inflation, including a discussion on developing risks and the steps equipment finance companies should take today to bolster their risk position.... read more

Slowed to a Trickle: Economic Headwinds of 2022 Slow M&A Activity

By Brent Ferrin

M&A activity in the equipment leasing industry has stalled somewhat in 2022, especially when compared with the robust activity of 2021, with a looming recession, less access to capital and more stringent diligence processes creating new challenges for sellers and buyers. ... read more

The Technology & Partnership Sparking Innovation in Finance

By Susan Carol

Change is afoot in the equipment finance industry. From embedded finance to fintech expansion and intrapreneurship, innovation begins with curiosity. In this Monitor exclusive, Susan Carol explores the industry’s next chapter with several leaders who are sparking its evolution.... read more

Jevons Paradox Meets Moore’s Law: Why AI Will Drive More Hiring in Equipment Finance

By Scott Nelson, PHD

Ever since 2001: A Space Odyssey introduced HAL 9000 in 1968, artificial intelligence (AI) has been perceived as a technological creature that would take the place of humans in the workplace. But the truth is that AI is making employees more productive and companies more competitive. AI is once again bringing the counterintuitive reality of Jevons Paradox into view. ... read more

A Friendly Farewell from Dexter Van Dango

By Dexter Van Dango

After penning articles for Monitor for 14 years, Dexter Van Dango has decided to retire his plume. He reflects back on the evolution of equipment finance since the 1980s and gives thanks to everyone who has followed his journalistic journey.... read more

Broker Success: Looking at Borrowers Through the Eyes of Lenders By Don Cosenza, CLFP

By Don Cosenza, CLFP

Don Cosenza of North Mill Equipment Finance delivers a comprehensive guide to being a successful broker in the equipment finance industry by examining the commercial financing process from the lender’s perspective. ... read more

Innovation, Data Privacy and Our Responsibility - An Interview with Anirban Basak, CEO of FortifID

By Deborah Reuben, CLFP

Data privacy should be of paramount importance to all, including financial intuitions. Anirban Basak, founder and CEO of FortifID and a fellow at MIT Connection Science, spoke with Deborah Reuben of TomorrowZone about how the future of data privacy is evolving. ... read more

Automating Tax Processes: An Opportunity to Manage Data Overload

By Kelly Necessary

Endless streams of data can make it challenging for companies to manage tax compliance activities. Kelly Necessary, a tax partner at FORVIS, provides insight on automation tools available to meet tax compliance standards.... read more

California’s Commercial Finance Disclosure Laws: A Guide

By Andrew K. Alper

With California’s commercial financing disclosure laws becoming effective on Dec. 9, Andrew K. Alper of Frandzel Robins Bloom & Csato provides an updated and detailed guide to the new regulations. ... read more

Deb Baker: Pioneer - Promoting Diversity in Equipment Finance

By Deborah Baker

Deborah Baker has been a champion for women and other underrepresented groups during her 30-year career in equipment finance. Through her leadership at ELFA, she has transformed her commitment to DE&I into meaningful action for the industry. ... read more

Amy Gross: Current Leader - Growing With Flexibility and Purpose

By Amy Gross

Several traits are essential to being a successful leader in the equipment finance industry, including a sense of purpose, advocacy for oneself and flexibility around change. Amy Gross tells the story of how she obtained those traits and provides advice to aspiring leaders.... read more

Joe Nachbin: Veteran - The Deal Whisperer

By Joe Nachbin

Joe Nachbin’s four decades in equipment finance were characterized by integrity, kindness and the ability to read financial statements and static loss pools like poetry. With the help of several people who knew him well, Monitor pays tribute to Nachbin in a special posthumous profile.... read more

Robert Preville: Disruptor - Evolving Equipment Finance to Seize Vendor Opportunities

By Robert Preville

Robert Preville, founder and CEO of APPROVE, sees opportunities for equipment finance companies to expand and embed relationships with vendors past their equipment financing needs and to regain lost financial turf from credit card and merchant service companies as they cash in on micro and small ticket transactions. ... read more

Ricardo E. Rios, CFA, CLFP: NextGen - Empowering Others for Success

By Ricardo E. Rios, CFA, CLFP

Ricardo E. Rios, Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Equipment Finance (CEFI) has had great success in both Puerto Rico and the U.S. and is making a name for himself in the equipment finance industry. As a leader and mentor, Rios focuses on relationship building to find success.... read more


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