Smart Start Strategies for Digital Transformation Success

Smart Start Strategies for Digital Transformation Success

1 PM ET October 17, 2023

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Too often the digital transformation journeys begin with a great team, new technology, and the best of intentions yet devolve into drama-filled anxiety-ridden failures. What is really happening in these projects, why are they so difficult and what if we could avoid major problems from the start?

You can have the best technology, a great team, a huge dream and great intentions and still fail to achieve your digital transformation goals. Research reveals that 70% of transformative initiatives fail to deliver.

Why? Is it people? Technology? Process? It’s all those things and more. Many failed initiatives start before they are ready. Often, the challenges that pop up as digital transformations unfold can be traced directly to what did or did not happen before kickoff. What does it take to be part of the 30% that succeed?

With lessons learned from successful projects as well as project rescue missions, this Monitor Member Live+ fireside chat explores what it takes to future proof your next initiative by starting smart. Walk away with keys to transform the way you initiate your next project.

  • Boost clarity and shared understanding.
  • Accelerate collaboration and adoption.
  • Avoid catastrophe.

If you are participating in a game changing project to shape the future of your business. If you are streamlining processes and procedures, implementing new policies, or even a new system, don’t miss this livestream. Walk away with applicable takeaways to transform the way you initiate your next transformational project.

Transformational project success begins before kicking off. Join Deb Reuben, CLFP, and Moto Tohda, CLFP, for a practical exploration of what it takes to start smart so you can finish strong.

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