2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Dana Galvin

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Dana Galvin,
VP, Finance & Systems,
Customers Commercial Finance

Dana Galvin is the vice president of finance and systems at Customers Commercial Finance (CCF), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Customers Bank. Galvin is responsible for managing and overseeing the finance, accounting and pricing departments for CCF as well as managing CCF’s operating/lease accounting system. Galvin’s primary focus over the past several years has been on leveraging and integrating technology to enhance the customer experience and the overall operating efficiencies of CCF’s business units.

Prior to joining the CCF team, Galvin was employed by Direct Capital as a credit analyst, Micro Financial as a broker channel manager and EverBank Commercial Finance as a program manager and capital markets associate.

Shortly after joining CCF, Galvin was tasked with leading the configuration and implementation of the company’s new Aspire operating system. Although Galvin had no prior lease accounting or operating system experience, he used his strong technical acumen and knowledge gained from his wide breadth of experience to help CCF launch its Aspire operating system on time and on budget.

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“Technology has transformed our industry and as we leverage automation to improve processes and the customer experience, are we becoming too reliant on technology? The increasing requirement for technology is a critical factor for success, but I also believe technology is creating a gap in the knowledge and deep expertise that the leaders of our industry have,” Galvin says. “I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by individuals that have been in equipment financing and leasing for 30 years and if I could change one thing in our industry, I’d encourage people to seek a mentor to gain the valuable skills and knowledge to develop as the next generation of leaders.

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