Auxilior Capital Partners Crafts a Winning Culture with Innovation, Service and Holocracy

by Jan/Feb 2024


Auxilior Capital Partners is one of North America’s fastest-growing independent commercial finance company, headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, PA, with a Canadian subsidiary in Toronto. Guided by the belief that it serves above all, Auxilior integrates a holocratic culture with cutting-edge technologies, creating an agile, digitally optimized business model.

Prioritizing People and Technology
For Auxilior, a strong corporate culture is not just a luxury, but a fundamental enabler for success. The company’s strategic priorities — innovate, solve and serve — are ingrained in the daily activities of its team. At the core of these priorities lie people and technology. People are the driving force, empowered to work collaboratively in small holocratic teams, ensuring rapid decision-making and continuous improvement in customer service. Service is deeply embedded in Auxilior’s DNA, reflected in its name, which means to serve.

Technology is the backbone of Auxilior’s differentiation, offering solutions that accelerate the sales process and stimulate growth. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous internal recognition system for breakthroughs and biweekly technology sprints. The innovation and collaboration room serves as a hub for cross-functional teams to ideate and execute innovative solutions. This commitment to both people and technology fosters an environment where the vision to be the leading sales catalyst finance company in North America becomes achievable and sustainable.

“We are lifelong learners; it’s part of our culture,” Steve Grosso, CEO and vice chairman of Auxilior, says. “We’re committed to training, development and organizational learning. No secret sauce, just a gritty, day-to-day commitment to questioning the status quo for better outcomes.”

Empowering Teams with Information
Auxilior places a strong emphasis on transparency and communication. The company ensures that its team is well-informed through various, regularly scheduled individual meeting and all associate town halls. This disciplined approach empowers employees with the information needed for superior customer experiences and provides opportunities for feedback, fostering a culture of openness and collaboration.

Holistic Benefits and a Nurturing Environment
Auxilior recognizes the importance of holistic well-being for its dynamic workforce. The company offers comprehensive benefits, including health, retirement, education reimbursement and wellness services. Its workspace is complemented by amenities such as a spacious kitchen stocked with fresh fruit and healthy snacks, a wellness room and showers. Company-sponsored outings and events, along with the Auxilior Collaboration Experience Committee, further strengthen team bonds and well-being.

Recognizing Employees and Encouraging Development
Employee development is a key focus at Auxilior, managed at the executive level through annual high-level goals. Annual performance reviews and individual development plans allow associates to reflect on achievements and set growth goals. The company participates in programs like the CLFP Certification, STRIPES Leadership Program and a summer internship program, emphasizing continuous learning and professional growth.

Auxilior values and recognizes outstanding work through peer-to-peer awards presented during monthly service and solutions meetings as well as annual awards for peak performers. Winners of these awards and their guests are treated to a luxury destination over a long weekend to celebrate their achievements. •

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