Canon Nurtures Success Through Collaborative Innovation and Inclusive Values

by Jan/Feb 2024


Canon Financial Services (CFS), parent company Canon USA, is a provider of digital imaging solutions and is deeply committed to cultivating a winning culture, ingrained in its organizational DNA. The company emphasizes a positive and empowering work environment, driven by agility, adaptability and an entrepreneurial spirit. Open communication — guided by the core values of caring, respect, integrity, commitment, communication, excellence and trust — is crucial for fostering transparency and trust among team members.

Recognition programs, team-building events and employee appreciation initiatives are pivotal to CFS’ culture. Its quarterly town hall meetings, team outings and diverse food events contribute to a positive and motivated workforce. Prioritizing work-life balance, a hybrid work schedule, exceptional health benefits and wellness programs support holistic well-being of employees. Inclusivity and diversity are integral to the company, with initiatives like Women in Leadership Levels business resource group and extensive investment in professional development.

“Having a company vision and mission is only the first step,” Dominic Janney, president of CFS, says. “We take the time to recognize employees publicly, be transparent and promote trust. Our culture enhances talent, promotes diversity and creates a positive workplace. When employees have a voice, it manifests in their work and the company’s overall success.”

Role & Communication of Values
The core values of CFS are the guiding principles shaping its identity, interactions, and decision-making processes. They create a shared framework driving positive behaviors and attitudes that define our winning culture.
CFS’ commitment to Kyosei, which promotes living and working together harmoniously, and the San-ji Spirit, which emphasizes self-motivation, self-management and self-awareness solidifies the foundation of the company’s values.

CFS’ mission and vision refresh in 2023 was unveiled at the annual kickoff meeting followed by pocket cards for employees, framed posters at headquarters and aligning KPI’s with company philosophies. This ensured a seamless integration of its mission into daily operations, driving both individual and collective success.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to Canon’s company’s culture at every level. The company actively promotes an inclusive environment where every employee feels valued, respected and supported. CFS established a WiLL BRG, which engages, enables and empowers women in their professional and personal development.

With quarterly town hall meetings, Canon USA leadership meetings and monthly sessions, like “Dunkin with Dominic”, foster open and honest communication. Digital platforms ensure seamless information flow, creating a culture where ideas are welcomed and concerns are promptly addressed.

Taking Care of People
A hybrid work environment, wellness programs, comprehensive healthcare coverage and access to counseling services prioritize the physical, mental and emotional health of Canon’s employees, contributing to a supportive and caring work environment. Ongoing training, tuition reimbursement, conferences and mentorship ensure continuous learning. Open communication, “stay interviews,” recognition and development opportunities create a loyal and mutually beneficial workplace.

Employee recognition is integral to the culture of CFS, motivating a positive work environment and fostering a sense of pride, camaraderie and motivation.

CFS actively fosters an innovative culture that welcomes ideas from employees and customers, resulting in improvements to processes and offerings. Failures are viewed as opportunities for learning and growth. The company’s culture encourages open reflection and analysis, extracting valuable lessons to drive continuous improvement.

The culture has evolved to embrace transparency, resilience, continuous learning and diversity, reflecting CFS’ commitment to meeting the needs of its team and positioning for sustained success. Agility, adaptability, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to social responsibility and adherence to Kyosei and San-ji Spirit contribute to a dynamic and holistic company culture.

CFS’s winning culture is a comprehensive blend of values, communication, diversity, transparency, well-being, employee development and innovation, fostering a workplace where each team member contributes their best for collective success. •

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