Smart Thinking: Leasepath Fuels Innovation with the ‘Intelligent Workplace’ in Equipment Finance

by Jan/Feb 2024

Leasepath is a technology company that provides complete solutions for equipment finance organizations to achieve customer service excellence by supercharging their efficiency and performance throughout sales, credit, documentation, funding, customer service, collections, portfolio management and asset management. Leasepath delivers a solution that enables an Intelligent Workplace for banks, independents, captives and brokers in North America, the UK and Australia.

But what is the Intelligent Workplace? According to Jeffrey Bilbrey, Leasepath’s CEO, “The Intelligent Workplace is where people can use systems, technology and data to enhance their productivity, creativity and well-being.” At Leasepath, that means leveraging cloud-first technology to enhance efficiency, collaboration and human connection with customers. Thanks to the dynamic automation capable in Leasepath, the company is able to help clients build such a workplace so they can “win fast, risk less and profit more.”

The company’s Leasepath Enterprise solution is an equipment finance lifecycle platform that lives on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. The culmination of years of work with customers and industry partners, the platform represents an innovation as a cohesive interface for the entire customer journey built on a configurable enterprise CRM. According to Bilbrey, the new solution represents the company’s “unwavering commitment to innovation and the mission to empower finance companies with a truly unified view of their customer interactions.” Leasepath Enterprise formally launched in October 2023, onboarding four equipment finance customers on the platform before the end of the year.

The secret sauce for the Leasepath Enterprise platform is its configurability. “By delivering configurable solutions instead of building custom tools for each operational team, Leasepath Enterprise is able to roll out seamless product updates called waves that add features for all customers without the effort and downtime that is typical with enterprise software upgrades,” Bilbrey says.

Quarterly waves that improve the entire platform for all customers are part of Leasepath’s
dedication to constant innovation. “Innovation is a continuous process of learning, experimenting and iterating, and we are committed to our brand-promise of no customer left behind — this is why every customer gets all our updates in each quarterly wave,” Bilbrey

According to Bilbrey, the company executed a meticulous due diligence process while developing Leasepath Enterprise, including forming a customer advisory board to gather feedback and guidance during development. Engaging customers and partners throughout development, implementation and adoption is just part of the company’s winning formula.

“Leasepath places a strong emphasis on customer feedback and success. We ensure return on investment through expert onboarding and adoption management through a proven customer success process driven by our team of solution experts,” Bilbrey says.

“From internal standups to customer meetings, teammates are encouraged to test and apply Microsoft Power Platform tools in novel ways and experiment,” Michael Baez, vice president at Leasepath, says, adding that the company also provides numerous opportunities for personal and professional development to employees. “Teamwork wins at Leasepath, and we cross every finish line for customers as well as for each other.”

Of course, crossing the finish line doesn’t always equate to certain success on the first try. Fortunately, Leasepath’s culture doesn’t penalize individual setbacks, instead viewing them as opportunities for learning and improvement. While failure is never the desired outcome, the company gives employees the autonomy to take chances without the fear of falling short, believing that many of those chances will ultimately lead to future opportunities
and successes.

“Innovation initiatives help us deliver on the promise of an Intelligent Workplace,” Bilbrey says, “and that keeps our customers winning every day.” •

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