2021 Monitor NextGen Profile: Peter Van Dyke

by Vol. 48 No. 3 2021

Peter Van Dyke,
Solution Architect ,

Peter Van Dyke is a solution architect at Northteq. He works directly with clients to implement lease and loan origination systems, refine business processes, develop enhancements and resolve issues. He also is involved with industry associations, recently serving on the planning committee for the National Equipment Finance’s Virtual Finance Summit.

Van Dyke began his career at Northteq immediately after graduating from college. Before Northteq, he was an engineering associate at a Minneapolis software company and a technology instructor. His development experience gives him an intimate understanding of his clients’ systems and solutions. Businesses want to have a single expert they can call, so Van Dyke strives to be familiar with all aspects of their environments. This enables him to provide quick and valuable information. He also aims to demystify technology.

“Clients are not always technology experts, but users with a strong grasp of their systems are the most empowered and successful,” Van Dyke says.

Van Dyke ensures that all his clients can understand the work he is doing and the solutions he provides. He also believes fintech solutions can be too broad and impersonal.

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“Customers expect, deserve and need customized solutions. While a one-size-fits-all approach may occasionally make sense, technology should improve existing business processes, not force those processes to be entirely reworked,” Van Dyke says. “This is one of the main reasons organizations are hesitant to adopt new solutions.”

Northteq and Van Dyke know every client is a priority that deserves a personalized experience.

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