Monitor Women’s List 2019: Lori Dennis

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Lori Dennis, CLFP

Senior Vice President, First American Equipment Finance
Member, American Hospital Association
Member, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Member, Healthcare Financial Management Association



Lori Dennis is responsible for all business development in First American’s Healthcare Division.

Dennis graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Cornell University, before joining First American as a project manager in 1998. Since then, she has held senior leadership positions in the Operations, Asset Management and Sales departments. During that time, her responsibilities ranged from credit, documentation and funding, to lease maturities and equipment dispositions.


“In the future, a person’s story will have everything to do with accomplishments and results and nothing to do with gender or demographics. What better way to bring about this kind of positive change than to open the door to talented, achievement-focused people in leadership positions?”

In 2011, Dennis transitioned into business development in order to leverage the knowledge she’d developed from her previous roles and help grow the company. She now leads a team that delivers leasing and financing solutions to healthcare providers.

“Lori Dennis possesses the attributes you’d expect from a standout leader: multiskilled, action-oriented, driven, client-focused and unselfish, but what sets her most apart from others is her skill and commitment to mentor others,” says Mike Wiedemer, First American national sales director. “The biggest contributor to First American’s success has been the growth and development of our people, and no one has done more to mentor, coach and inspire our colleagues than Lori.”

As an active member of Healthcare Financial Management Association and the American Hospital Association, Dennis considers it an essential part of her mission to provide funding to healthcare providers to develop innovations for healthcare delivery models. With both healthcare and financing operating as mature industries on the cusp of major changes, she believes both sectors are just now starting to see evolutions that involve more transparent and simple solutions for the customer. Additionally, a changing leadership has altered the perception of who is or isn’t actually part of the industry.

“The winners of the Innovation Challenge, an initiative by the American Hospital Association and exclusively sponsored by First American, all happened to be women,” she points out. “Leadership at the AHA who delivered the award were also all women.”

She adds that it’s an exciting time to be involved in two industries with so much potential for change and opportunity.

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