Monitor Women’s List 2019: Katie Emmel

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Katie Emmel

Chief Operating Officer, IDS Asset Finance Technology
Member, Canadian Finance & Leasing Association
Member, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Member, National Equipment Finance Association
Trustee, Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation Board


Katie Emmel has been part of IDS for over 30 years. She was initially hired as a developer when IDS was a start-up company, working to meet the needs of a couple of large banks. The company had a limited number of portfolio management software providers at the time, so everything Emmel and other team members built added instant value to customers. Many of these customers continue to be business partners, sharing their insights into the underlying business logic that still serves as a foundation for IDS’ solutions. Though it seems rare nowadays for anyone to stay with the same company for so long, Emmel says it comes down to her love of the industry, her enthusiasm for IDS’ products and the people she interacts with. She is passionate about her customers’ success and the growth of the company.


“In the future, I would like to see the equipment finance industry’s innovation, creativity and adaptability combine with insights from a diverse group of leaders, enabling the industry to become a leader in technological adoption to improve customer experience.”

As chief operating officer, she sets direction for the company’s product vision and leads the teams serving the company’s customers. Having both a backend and frontend perspective allows her to balance the need for results with a human side to internal and external interactions. As a leader, she believes it is important to both work hard to deliver results for customers and to ensure that her team members are taken care of.

“Katie is a respected advocate for increasing opportunities and visibility of not only women, but of young professionals,” says Tina Cartwright, senior vice president of IT and Operations at U.S. Bank Equipment Finance. “And through her partnership with other industry leaders, Katie has been able to share her passion for technology.

Over the years, she has consistently worked to bring new ideas and perspectives to the forefront. Most recently, she played an instrumental role in hosting the first ever ELFA Technology Innovation Workgroup, bringing together like-minded senior leaders interested in elevating the customer experience. Katie’s dedication to not only improving technology options but bringing people together will have a lasting impact on the industry in years to come.”

In addition to serving on the board of trustees for the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation, Emmel is a member of the Foundation’s development and research committees, a member of the ELFA Technology Innovation committee and has participated in various industry panels.

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