Mutually Assured Success – Channel’s Collaborative Approach

by Jan/Feb 2024

Brad Peterson,


At Channel, leadership is a commitment to fostering a culture of respect, collaboration and selfless decision-making. Channel’s leaders value the unique skillsets, experiences and opinions of every team member. The company recognizes that diversity is its strength, and by embracing and respecting each person’s input, everyone becomes better together.

Channel’s leaders share an unwavering commitment to “do the right thing,” looking beyond individual interests, to steering strategic decisions that positively impact team members, partners, customers and the industry. For Channel, it’s not about individual success; it’s about mutual success that results in enduring partnerships.

Channel takes pride in its collective approach to debating and creating business strategy. Every strategy session is centered on the company’s brand, leveraging its capabilities and dedication to providing unique value to the marketplace. The company’s leaders understand that the result is not just driven by what Channel has created but by the company’s collective and firm belief in it. This is coupled with a relentless commitment to execute its strategies diligently.

In essence, Channel’s leadership is characterized by a profound respect for diversity, a selfless commitment to ethical decision-making and a collective effort to shape a business strategy that stands out in the marketplace. Channel believes that by valuing each other’s strengths and perspectives, and by adhering to a vision founded on doing what’s right, it can create an environment where great outcomes are not just desired – they are inevitable.

Brad Peterson, CEO of Channel, says that a great leader has qualities that “extend beyond the boardroom,” including:

  • The ability to craft a marketplace approach that not only shapes their brand, but adds unique value to partners and customers
  • Being a “doer” – rolling up their sleeves and actively contributing
  • Building a culturally aligned team, ensuring that everyone shares a common mindset
  • Engaging both internally and externally, instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility for delivering on their company’s brand promise
  • Effectively communicating to share success and foster a collaborative environment
  • Being active in the marketplace on behalf of the industry and the company
  • “Leadership is about connecting vision, action, culture, communication and marketplace engagement to lead with purpose and impact,” Peterson says.

Within Channel, Peterson’s approach to leadership and developing other leaders involves identifying and nurturing individuals with key attributes. “I seek out those with a skillset aligned with leadership qualities and a positive intellectual curiosity, coupled with a genuine passion for our brand,” Peterson says. For him, it’s crucial that potential leaders are not singularly focused, but possess a perspective above and beyond their role that demonstrates a drive to actively participate in company initiatives. “To advance their growth, I ensure that our leaders have opportunities to flex these qualities in ways that contribute to the expansion of our business and the advancement of our industry. Empowering individuals who exhibit these traits strengthens our internal leadership but also contributes to the overall success of our organization and industry.”

As a leader, Peterson prioritizes his own development by actively involving himself in industry initiatives. He learns from leaders every day, he says, through his ongoing participation and intellectual curiosity in relevant networks, forums and discussions – as does Channel’s entire leadership team.

For Peterson, keeping an open mind and pushing himself beyond his comfort zone has been essential to continually evolving as a leader. He has also placed an emphasis on observing and learning from the diverse perspectives of others. “Continuous learning and industry engagement remain a cornerstone of my approach to leadership development, to stay agile and informed through the evolution of our business and marketplace,” Peterson says. •

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