Unleashing Excellence: How First Citizens Bank Equipment Finance Champions a Culture of Success

by Jan/Feb 2024


In the dynamic heartbeat of finance, where innovation dances with stability, First Citizens Bank Equipment Finance emerges as a powerhouse, not just providing financing solutions, but crafting a symphony of success. With a 125-year legacy echoing strength and foresight, this is not merely a financial institution — it’s a thriving culture where champions are forged, and businesses find their wings. Empowering small and mid-size businesses with specialized financing solutions, First Citizens offers a spectrum of services, with its equipment finance arm embodying a winning culture from which other companies can learn.

Champion Mindset: Nurturing Performance
First Citizens instills a champion mindset at the heart of its culture. The mission is clear: help associates grow, enabling them to serve customers exceptionally and, in turn, drive the company’s growth. This mindset demands dedication, mental toughness, teamwork and a passion for outperforming competitors. “Our culture rests on a foundation of servant leadership and its premise that our team leaders are responsible for supporting and fostering the success of associates across the organization – not the other way around,” President Mike Jones says.

Associates genuinely feel that they are part of a team that invests in each other. First Citizens encourages its associates to feel heard and recognized for their contributions. Through team huddles, leadership development, community projects and rewards programs, the organization creates a sense of empowerment and collaboration. Principles of service, stability and reliability are ingrained in daily practices, making First Citizens Equipment Finance the preferred choice for vendors nationwide. It’s a place that provides optimal opportunities for associates to grow their skills and advance their careers, supporting a culture of continuous improvement.

Values: Cornerstone of Excellence
Values are the guiding principles of First Citizens’ winning culture. Integrity leads the way, emphasizing the importance of doing business ethically. Beyond that, the organization values qualities such as respect, honesty, excellence, transparency and continuous improvement. A winning culture necessitates buy-in from every team member, requiring a commitment to shared values consistently.

Communication: Building Connection and Understanding
Communication is vital in maintaining a common culture within First Citizens. Leadership actively communicates the company’s values through monthly all-team calls, ensuring a direct line of communication from the top. Senior executives model the desired culture through innovation, collaboration, servant leadership and a commitment to excellence. New associates engage in direct conversations about company values, fostering understanding and a sense of belonging.

DE&I: Driving Synergy
First Citizens prioritizes a diverse, equitable and inclusive working environment. The organization understands that converging differences creates a synergy that enhances relationships and drives innovation. Leaders actively champion diversity, disavow discrimination and advance DE&I efforts. Business resource groups provide forums for cultural celebration, community service and professional development, promoting greater networks among colleagues.

Transparency and Continuous Improvement: Keys to Trust
Transparency is a critical component of First Citizens’ culture. Leadership attends small group huddles weekly, providing a forum for open discussions. The emphasis on transparent communication builds trust and underscores the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. Leaders “walk the talk,” leading by example and reinforcing the importance of honesty and openness.

First Citizens serves as a model for cultivating a winning culture. Through a champion mindset, clear values, effective communication, commitment to diversity and inclusion, transparency and continuous innovation, the company creates an environment that not only withstands the test of time but propels it toward sustained success and excellence. This winning culture is not just a set of principles; it’s a way of operating, a commitment to growth and a dedication to being the best in the field. •

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