GreatAmerica Financial Services Nurtures Excellence through Independence

by Jan/Feb 2024


GreatAmerica Financial Services stands out as one of the largest family-owned independent commercial finance company in the United States, boasting assets exceeding $3 billion and a workforce of more than 750 employees across the nation. Beyond its financial prowess, GreatAmerica’s significance lies in the unique culture it has meticulously cultivated.

Foundations of a Resilient Culture
GreatAmerica’s success is rooted in its unwavering dedication to its mission, vision and guiding principles. With entrepreneurial origins and a family-owned structure, the company places its employees, customers and community at the forefront.

“A winning culture is built on hiring people who share our values, working as a team to serve our customers and living by our mission statement: ‘We help our customers achieve greater success.’ We believe that when we take care of our company, our company takes care of us,” CEO Martin Golobic says.

GreatAmerica’s culture isn’t just rhetoric; it’s a dynamic force intertwined with employee recognition, performance development plans, promotions and strategic planning. The deliberate cross-functional team structure, established during scaling, ensures a personalized and agile approach that resonates with both employees and customers.

Values as the Pillars of Success
Values play a pivotal role in shaping GreatAmerica’s culture. The company’s commitment to its 10 guiding principles, which include core themes of excellence, tenacity, integrity, respect, relationship building, greatness, celebrating success, enhancing value, big picture thinking and continuous improvement, is ingrained in daily operations. These values aren’t mere words, but are interwoven into employee recognition, performance reviews, and strategic planning sessions.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to GreatAmerica’s DNA. Policies promoting gender-neutral language and inclusive leave policies demonstrate a commitment to creating an equitable workplace. Initiatives like Building Great Leaders champions leadership development for a diverse set of roles and individuals across the organization.

GreatAmerica prioritizes transparency and communication at every level. Monthly all-company meetings, newsletters, employee communication platforms and team huddles ensure that information flows freely. Leadership transparency is not just about sharing successes but also acknowledging challenges, fostering trust and creating a sense of accountability among team members.

Focus on Holistic Well-Being
GreatAmerica goes beyond traditional employee benefits by prioritizing the holistic well-being of its team members. Initiatives like fitness reimbursement, mental health support through employee assistance
programs and a hybrid work environment underscore the company’s commitment to work-life balance.

Employee development is a continuous process at GreatAmerica, with programs like GreatAmerica University, external training opportunities and leadership development initiatives. The emphasis is on creating a learning culture that aligns with the company’s principles of continuous improvement and taking charge of one’s future.

Recognizing and celebrating achievements is a cornerstone of GreatAmerica’s culture. From formal awards like Outstanding Achiever to informal verbal recognition, the company ensures that positive contributions
are acknowledged. The variety of recognition programs reflects an understanding that different individuals are motivated by different forms of acknowledgment.

While GreatAmerica’s core values and principles have remained steadfast, the company has evolved with the times. Embracing remote work options and incorporating employee-directed philanthropy into its culture are examples of how GreatAmerica adapts to the changing needs and aspirations of its employees.

Sustaining Independence and High Employee Engagement
Being an independent family-owned company is central to GreatAmerica’s identity. This independence provides the flexibility to tailor programs for customers and maintain a customer-centric approach. The company’s commitment to philanthropy and employee engagement, evident in its financial giving and volunteerism, reflects a commitment to building a vibrant community. •

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