Monitor 101+ Executive Profile: Matthew Green – Green on Leading Today

by Ian Koplin Monitor 101+ 2023
Matthew Green, managing director and group head, Equipment Finance at CIBC Bank USA, has been in equipment finance for more than two decades. Embracing change and prioritizing customer satisfaction and risk mitigation equally, Green shares his knowledge on leadership.

Matthew Green,
Managing Director and Group Head, Equipment Finance,

Matthew Green, managing director and group head, Equipment Finance at CIBC Bank USA, joined CIBC from J.P. Morgan at the end of 2021 with more than 20 years of leasing, lending and capital markets experience to launch the company’s equipment finance team. Having led J.P. Morgan’s equipment finance business, designed and oversaw the expansion of the company’s capital markets and direct sales efforts, Green was well-positioned to take this next step in his career.

“My decision to join CIBC to launch the Equipment Finance team within the U.S. Commercial Banking Group was driven by both a cultural fit and an entrepreneurial opportunity,” Green says. “The Equipment Finance team at CIBC, which is comprised of eight professionals with an average industry experience of 22 years, prioritizes servicing existing clients and takes pride in the strong relationships built over decades, which resonated with my own experiences.”

Green also says CIBC’s commitment to delivering exceptional client services resonates with him because he admires the idea of a local bank helping communities. “The chance to start a new group and assist clients in achieving their goals was an exciting prospect that I couldn’t resist,” Green says.

Customer satisfaction is a central tenant to Green’s approach to leadership. Providing a seamless and positive experience for his clients throughout their equipment finance journey and beyond goes a long way in fostering long-term relationships.

Mitigating risk is equally crucial to Green and his team, as maintaining the stability and security of its operations is paramount. “We strive to identify and address potential risks proactively, implementing robust risk management strategies and controls. This allows us to safeguard our assets, investments and customer relationships.”

As a leader, Green says he’s most passionate about creating a cohesive and transparent environment for his team to thrive in. “I firmly believe that empathy and open communication are the building blocks of a strong and successful team,” Green says. “When everyone is on the same page and we share information freely, we become stronger collectively. I also prioritize the integrity of the organization and encourage my team members to have a voice. I want them to feel empowered and valued, knowing that their ideas and opinions matter.”

“Today, leaders need to be nimble, adaptable and unafraid of change. They should also be empathetic, technologically oriented and open to new ideas.”

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