Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Allison Dease

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Allison Dease,
Senior Vice President and Documentation Management Group Indirect and Direct Lead,
Truist Equipment Finance

Allison Dease has 23 years of experience in the equipment finance industry primarily working in documentation roles. Following the merger of BB&T and SunTrust that created Truist, Dease became manager of the indirect and direct documentation team for the combined equipment finance organization. Dease has worked over the past two years to merge two teams and establish new consolidated policies and procedures while navigating the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the merger, Dease worked in a variety of documentation and operations positions for Truist predecessors, including Central Carolina Bank, National Commerce Financial and SunTrust. She has been part of three merger integrations during her career.


“Finding solutions that work for our clients and all facets of our business is challenging in such a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. My vision for the equipment finance industry is to continue leveraging technology to improve processes and procedures while maintaining a focus on uncovering and meeting the unique needs of our clients.”

Throughout 2020, Dease led Truist’s efforts in processing numerous pandemic-related client requests while completing her MBA at East Carolina University.

“I am very fortunate to lead a very talented, experienced and dedicated team at Truist. I am also extremely grateful for the guidance of my mentor and leader, Trish Gillis, who has had an enormous positive impact on my own personal growth as a leader in this industry,” Dease says. “My personal mission is to inspire those around me to live with integrity and compassion for others, build a culture of continuous improvement, execute with excellence and foster personal growth. I believe in servant leadership and I am working to create a legacy of caring and leading by example. I believe it is fundamentally important for my team to understand the ‘why’ in everything we do. I invest heavily in my team’s growth and development, as I believe that I am only successful when they are successful.”

“Allison is an inclusive and caring leader. She successfully integrated two heritage documentation teams, virtually on-boarded several teammates, managed the payment deferral process and earned her MBA, all during a global pandemic,” Gillis, who is a senior vice president and senior operations manager at Truist Equipment Finance, says. “With all that Allison has taken on, she still dedicated extra effort to learning our new lease accounting system as well as creating a high level of comradery with her new team. I have come to rely heavily on Allison. This is a testament to her work ethic and in-depth knowledge of equipment finance. Our clients, both internal and external, are always Allison’s top priority. Truist, and our team, is fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated teammate.”

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