Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Beth McLean, CLFP

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Beth McLean, CLFP,
Vice President of Operations,
Northland Capital Equipment Finance

Beth McLean is vice president of operations at Northland Capital Equipment Finance. In addition to her many achievements in the finance industry, she also strives to mentor others and holds positions in the National Equipment Finance Association.


“Our industry has many opportunities to get involved, learn something new and network with others. Providing employees the opportunity to participate in continuing education and have access to technology that simplifies their job is vital to developing and retaining talent. As leaders, we need continue to attract and mentor young professionals.”

In 2003, after completing her undergraduate studies, McLean stumbled into the equipment finance industry by accepting a credit analyst position at Northland Capital Equipment Finance. She then harnessed her drive and dedication to education while completing her MBA. This heralded a shift toward project management and software implementation projects. McLean’s most recent achievement for Northland was the creation of the firm’s operations department, where she continues to make positive changes today.

“Beth’s understanding to work through changes and the ability to lead the operations department with efficiency and excellence is a major contribution to the risk mitigation and success of our company,” Willis Kleinjan, CEO and founder of Northland Capital Equipment Finance, says. “Her willingness to give back to the industry has provided her the opportunity to be an important part of the NEFA board and committees.”

McLean finds inspiration in the quest for continuing education and creativity when it comes to the implementation of processes and procedures intended to facilitate more effective staff training. Her goal of increased efficiency and productivity helps to create higher degrees of success across departments, including software implementations of insurance, the origination process and DocuSign, all facilitated by her in-depth understanding of existing and emerging technology.

Throughout all advancements and improvements, McLean’s ability to think outside the box and focus on benefits to everyone involved with a project or process has led to increased success. With an eye on growth, she is currently overseeing the implementation of Salesforce software to facilitate growth for the long term. Her ability to see beyond technology and to the individuals responsible for its use creates an environment of unity and accomplishment.

“I have a passion for continued education, technology and coaching others,” McLean says. This quote sums up her efforts at Northland and in her other endeavors, and her passion for helping others succeed and making professional processes more streamlined and efficient continues to benefit all. Together with her project teams, she continues to contribute to overall growth and success at Northland.

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