Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Elise Hardy

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Elise Hardy,
Vice President of Sales,
First Financial Equipment Leasing

Elise Hardy is a dynamic leader who has played a vital role in the equipment finance industry over the last 10 years. As the first woman to serve as a sales executive at First Financial Equipment Leasing, Hardy has proven she can hold her own in the historically male-dominated industry of capital equipment financing. Since joining the company in 2018, Hardy has built an impressive portfolio of new customers and shattered just about every sales-related record held at the 21-year-old company.


“As we desire everything at our fingertips now more than ever, my vision is one where clients have access to leasing options as fast as they request them, enabling them to acquire the equipment they need ahead of lead times. My vision for the industry focuses on client and vendor transparency, promotion of automated technology and strategic material handling fleet management.”

Fiercely competitive by nature, Hardy is a quota-crusher who does not sit around waiting for the phone to ring. Her long-standing customers appreciate the openness, honesty and value she brings to the table. She is highly driven, upbeat and is an excellent mentor for her teammates by consistently leading by example. It’s no wonder she has created relationships with her clients and colleagues that stand to last a lifetime.

What really sets Hardy apart is her true passion for helping people, teams and organizations grow. While the COVID-19 pandemic and national shutdowns have caused many of us to take a pause, Hardy has grown her portfolio by more than 100%. Where many have only seen obstacles, she has found opportunities. Hardy’s unprecedented accomplishments during the last 18 months also include signing 10 marquee clients, doubling the company’s material handling and automation leasing business and earning a spot as one of the top three producers at the company.

“Throughout her career, Elise has provided much more to her customers than the financial backing they need to grow their businesses; she has served as a trusted advisor, advocate, problem-solver and industry expert,” Dave Sanborne, senior vice president of sales at First Financial Equipment Leasing, says. “Elise is skilled in building and managing progressive leasing programs that exceed productivity expectations and lead the industry in outstanding customer service.”

Hardy has worked in various industries that provide a wide array of products and services to clients, expanding from direct-to-consumer sales to Fortune 500 enterprises. Having started her career selling goods directly to homeowners, she gained experience to excel at selling direct to C-suite level executives through various roles. From home consumer goods to financial services, she has sought to bring value to her customers in a way that provides solutions and allows organizations to run more effectively and efficiently, both functionally and financially.

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