Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Jackie Jacobs, CLFP

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Jackie Jacobs, CLFP,
Senior Fleet Transaction Analyst and Project Manager,
Fleet Advantage

Jackie Jacobs is an experienced fleet transaction analyst and project manager who provides input and analysis that enables Fleet Advantage to launch pioneering programs that reshape the way transportation fleets operate. Her contributions have been especially impactful in helping companies reevaluate life cycle strategies during the trials of the last 18 months, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and continued supply chain disruptions. Jacobs plays an integral role by spearheading data analytics and equipment procurement strategies and she plays a crucial role in the development of the Life Cycle Cost Management (LCCM) software within Fleet Advantage’s data-driven and award-winning technology platform, ATLAAS Unified (Advanced Truck Life Cycle Administrative Analytics Software). In addition to data analytics, Jacobs also prepares lease origination pricing, proposals and presentations for multimillion-dollar truck equipment financing deals.


“While I began my career in the consumer goods sector, I quickly realized I possessed a unique skill set better suited in advanced business intelligence and analytics. I hope to continue to utilize my skills to assist large, enterprise-level companies when it comes to logistical decisions that ultimately improve both their equipment finance and bottom line goals.”

Promoted to her current role in February, Jacobs also received her Certified Lease & Finance Professional accreditation this year. The accreditation illustrates the industry’s acknowledgement of her skill set and commitment to the supply chain sector in regards to equipment leasing.

“Jacobs is an equipment finance expert in the field of fleet modernization and equipment procurement strategies for our transaction management team,” Katerina Jones, vice president of marketing and business development at Fleet Advantage, says. “Her role in the development of our life cycle cost management technology platform gives our customers the knowledge needed to update their fleets, which ultimately enables organizations to make profit-preserving decisions.”

Jacobs’ reports also help clients and their financial departments identify life cycle cost reductions, identify dormant equity in trucks, identify opportunities to improve productivity, provide a roadmap for customized fleet modernization solutions, eliminate spare trucks by providing newer and more reliable equipment and provide per unit P&Ls. It’s because of her comprehensive fleet analysis and expertise that she was recently invited to speak at the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s 60th Annual Convention in October on a panel titled Fleet Modernization – Utilizing Data and Science from Acquisition through Remarketing.

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