Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Rhonda Van Vark, CLFP

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Rhonda Van Vark, CLFP,
Senior Solutions Architect,

Rhonda Van Vark is a senior solutions architect at Northteq who has contributed to the company’s success for more than five years. She provides project management, business analysis, quality control, product design, support and documentation for products, teammates and clients. She also mentors solution architects and developers at Northteq.


“I am most passionate about two related items within equipment finance: technology advances and business processes. For me, we cannot do one without the other. The current times and different make-up of people requesting financing have me excited about upcoming technology advances, how it will change processes and a being part of it all.”

Van Vark’s time before Northteq included positions at software and finance companies. These experiences provided her the business and project knowledge needed to lead highly successful product implementations coupled with effective and efficient business processes.

“At Northteq, Rhonda brings decades of equipment finance expertise to our clients,” Kristian Dolan, CEO of Northteq, says. “She has worked in sales [and] operations in an equipment finance capacity. As well, she has been a consultant for multiple software vendors. What makes Rhonda unique is her desire to roll up her sleeves and ‘get it done.’ On several occasions, Rhonda will take on technical tasks that are typically appropriate for a developer and just complete it. She has been instrumental in helping our clients automate document generation, which can be very nuanced. Rhonda demonstrates extreme ownership with everything she takes on.”

A few highlights for Van Vark in the past year include a new product feature, a documentation project and the onboarding of a new client. The product feature win moved managed app code to a configurable option. This helps clients reduce the need for customizations and potential support time. The documentation project was an end-to-end solution for document generation and e-signature. This is a win, as clients gain huge process efficiencies. Lastly, when onboarding and supporting a full end-to-end system, Van Vark tapped into all her experiences, learned the system quickly and provided exceptional customer service.

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