Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Kathleen Canum

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Kathleen Canum, CPA

Vice President
Canon Financial Services
Member, ELFA Women’s Council


Kathy Canum is the epitome of a lifelong learner and does not shy away from a challenge. During her more than 25 years in the industry, she has earned her CPA, Wharton MBA and Series 7. She takes pride in continuing to better herself, assisting her team and building a better future for Canon Financial Services (CFS). Canum bristles at the status quo and consistently seeks positive change. The values she embodies are integrity, efficiency and getting results while enhancing others’ skill sets. She is energized when she creates, articulates and drives vision to fruition.


“The equipment finance industry will continue to be an integral part of the economy and will change faster than many believe. The organizations that have the right foundation, including the ability to adapt quickly to the market, will be the ones that thrive and shape the industry.”

Canum started her career at First Fidelity Leasing as an A/P supervisor. Today, she is vice president at CFS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A. Canum reports directly to the president and CEO of CFS and oversees accounting, IT, project management, general affairs and various operations divisions. She is a member of the ELFA’s Women’s Council and served on the Captive and Vendor Business Council. Her success is due to great teammates, grit, a willingness to learn and the bravery to take calculated risks.

“As an executive, Kathy takes on the complex business challenges that face our industry every day — and she does so successfully, leading multiple facets of our company, driving strategy and bottom-line results,” Don Bryson, senior director at CFS, says. “Kathy is laser-focused on delivering value to our customers and partners. What makes Kathy unique is that she does this with an unwavering commitment to the people not only within our industry but in the communities we serve as a whole. Kathy has built partnerships with government, community organizations and other EF leaders to help enhance the overall perception of our industry and position us to attract the next generation of leaders that can carry our industry forward.”

Canum utilizes her education and experience to zero in on what matters most and what needs to be done to drive change for a better future for all. She believes that people, technology and strategy are the foundation of that future. Her vision reaches further than CFS. She spearheads a successful CFS Women in Leadership Levels program that continues to assist schoolchildren and working mothers in underserved areas. Canum is a collaborative, successful leader that continuously seeks to lift others.

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