Pitney Bowes – DE&I: The Key to Sustained Excellence and Exceptional Performance

by Jan/Feb 2024


For over a century, diversity, inclusion and engagement have played an integral role in the Pitney Bowes journey to sustained excellence and exceptional performance. The company believes that it is fundamental to create long-term value and is constantly striving to improve and expand upon its company-wide efforts.

Human-Centered Approach to Business
Pitney Bowes is a human-centered company that celebrates the rich mix of attributes and factors that impact the identities and experiences of its global team. The company’s approach to diversity and inclusion acknowledges common humanity while embracing the distinctions that contribute to individuality.

Pitney Bowes also positions DE&I as a competitive advantage that enables the company to attract, recruit and retain the top talent in the market while allowing its employees to bring their full and authentic selves to work, therefore increasing maximum participation within its teams.

Fostering a Culture of Excellence
Pitney Bowes has made consistent progress in creating an inclusive culture in which all employees can thrive. The company has a comprehensive strategy to guide this progress, with a key objective to embed a diversity and inclusion lens throughout every aspect of its human capital management. Pitney Bowes multi-pronged learning strategy includes:

  • Embedding a module on diversity and inclusion in all leadership training for high potential employees, managers and leaders.
  • Developing unique training specific to the Pitney Bowes culture and strategy, including a three-part inclusive leadership program for employees and leaders.
  • Sourcing appropriate training developed by external resources.
  • Conducting real-time (in-person or virtual) information and learning sessions on diversity and inclusion for departments and teams
    upon request.

In recent years, Pitney Bowes has held moderated sessions called “Conversations of Understanding,” which allow employees to have constructive conversations about each other’s differences and gain more understanding about each other’s perspectives.

Equity and Inclusion at Every Step
This strategy gives Pitney Bowes the ability to assess inclusion and equity of opportunity for all employees across the entire employee experience — recruitment and hiring, growth and development, advancement, belonging and engagement. Key dimensions of Pitney Bowes DE&I strategy include promoting inclusive leadership and executive support; impacting organizational processes and practices; providing a learning strategy in which leaders and individuals have access to training in inclusive leadership and behaviors; increasing individual exposure and understanding of the diversity of the human experience and its value; and creating a culture where all can belong and leverage differences for collective success.

Four Pillars of Cultural Value
Diversity and inclusion are central components of Pitney Bowes strategy because both are fundamental to the company’s desired culture to deliver value to all of its stakeholders, as encouraged by its four cultural pillars:

  • CLIENT. Pitney Bowes serves its clients around the world by better understanding the diversity of the geographies and cultures in the markets where the company operates.
  • TEAM. Pitney Bowes teams are stronger and work together better when everyone understands, respects and remains open to the value that all employees contribute.
  • WIN. Pitney Bowes wins by attracting the best of all talent, understanding its clients and delivering long-term value.
  • INNOVATE. For Pitney Bowes, innovation comes from the diversity of ideas, experiences and voices.

Creating Opportunity and Enhancing Business
Pitney Bowes global focus on diversity extends to its suppliers as well as its employees. The company believes that having a diverse range of businesses in its global supply base can bring about innovative solutions while meeting or surpassing its expectations in terms of quality, cost, agility, flexibility and delivery. Supplier diversity programs present an opportunity to actively join the fight against racial discrimination, create opportunity and enhance businesses.

As part of Pitney Bowes comprehensive global strategy in diversity, the company has a training and learning strategy which is designed to provide employees with resources and skills to understand one another, work better together and build stronger teams. •

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