Driving Sustainability: Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s Multidisciplinary Approach to ESG in Equipment Finance

by Jan/Feb 2024


Mitsubishi HC Capital America, a commercial finance company with extensive capabilities across North America, operates alongside its affiliate, Mitsubishi HC Capital Canada. Together, the companies offer a consultative approach and a robust digital platform, providing comprehensive support for organizations aiming to accelerate their growth.

Committed to contributing to a prosperous and sustainable future, Mitsubishi HC Capital America established a dedicated Sustainable Development Group (SDG) to assist customers in achieving their sustainability goals. The group operates in line with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

A Commitment to Sustainability
Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its corporate-wide goals, focusing on three key objectives to combat the effects of climate change: 1) developing unique and progressive financing programs with the global environment in mind, 2) aiming for sustainable growth through value co-creation with diverse stakeholders and 3) fostering an open, creative and engaging corporate culture.

The company’s SDG plays a pivotal role in realizing these sustainability goals. The team brings a combined multinational approach and skillset to address ESG initiatives. Their focus areas include clean technology, mobility, digital manufacturing, climate-smart agriculture and water and water treatment.

Clean Technology
The SDG team concentrates on developing and installing renewable energy or energy-efficient projects. They actively support technologies that prevent, reduce or eliminate environmental impacts related to climate change. Additionally, the team explores projects involving the electrification of fleets in the transportation sector.

Electrification of fleets in the transportation sector is a primary focus of the SDG team. The group has developed a strong partner network of North American OEMs, developers, investors, owners and operators, in addition to providers of electric vehicle equipment and charging infrastructure in order to provide complete electric vehicle commercialization support services.

Digital Manufacturing
The SDG team strives to proliferate the use of digital technologies in the manufacturing process. Their goal is to produce higher-quality goods at lower costs, promoting efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Climate-Smart Agriculture
The team’s focus on funding infrastructure that leverages advanced technology for tracking, monitoring, automating and analyzing farming operations aims to enhance sustainability in agricultural practices.

Water and Water Treatment
The team funds initiatives related to water reuse and reclamation technologies, green infrastructure and energy conservation efforts. This underscores the company’s commitment to responsible water management.

Multidisciplinary Consulting and Financing
Recognizing the growing demand for sustainable solutions, Mitsubishi HC Capital America provides multidisciplinary consulting, financing and support beyond traditional methods. With a strong partner network, the company is well-positioned to offer complete electric vehicle commercialization support services.

ESG as the Next Chapter for the Industry
Mitsubishi HC Capital America acknowledges the evolving needs of businesses, especially in the transportation sector, to transition towards electric vehicles, energy infrastructure and energy-efficient solutions. In response, the company emphasizes a holistic approach, providing customized solutions for clean technology projects.

As the demand for multidisciplinary experts rises, particularly in the transportation industry, Mitsubishi HC Capital America recognizes the importance of assisting businesses in modifying, creating and implementing business models that support the electrification of their fleets. The company believes that equipment finance companies can play a critical role in this shift by developing expertise in every aspect of electrification, from charging infrastructure to project development and management.

Embracing Sustainable Growth
To stay ahead in this evolving landscape, equipment finance companies must focus on longer-term goals, develop expertise in transportation and energy businesses and become adept business analysts. Mitsubishi
HC Capital America emphasizes that making the world a better place requires a strategic investment in both the industry’s and the planet’s future. •

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