Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Melinda Haynes

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Melinda Haynes,
Onset Financial

Melinda Haynes is president of Onset Financial. After joining the company in 2018, she was named president in 2019. Before Onset, she worked for 30 years at a regional bank where she was senior vice president and director of operations. As president at Onset, Haynes focuses on the day-to-day operations and growth of the company.


“I am fortunate to work for a company that embraces diversity and hires the most qualified person for each position. I would like to see more women in executive level positions and represented within the equipment finance industry.”

Haynes was honored as CXO of the Year in 2021 by Utah Business Magazine for being a member of the C-suite who is changing the way Onset does business for the better. Haynes led the Onset team that created the company’s COVID-19 Relief Program (CRP), giving payment relief to 100% of Onset’s customers that requested help.

Haynes is proud to volunteer in the community and is actively involved with Onset Gives, the charitable division of Onset Financial.

“Melinda Haynes is a dynamic and powerful leader. She has the rare ability to lead a team to achieve results far beyond their cumulative abilities,” Justin Nielsen, CEO and founder of Onset Financial, says. “Melinda draws from an internal work ethic that is truly second to none, but just as critical is that her application of intense effort is contagious throughout the entire organization. She has vast knowledge of equipment finance, which allows her to lead with strength at every level in all departments.

“Melinda was a beacon of strength for Onset throughout the most uncertain economic and social adversity on record. She helped the Onset team cohesively thrive with success when many organizations were merely fighting for survival. Melinda fearlessly tackles every situation with a willingness to professionally perform any task with precision to bring success to her team. She spearheaded the Onset COVID Payment Relief Program, helping dozens of our valuable customers survive the economic shutdown. She directly communicated with many customers and funding partners to ensure overall success. During the shutdown, Melinda Haynes never blinked, not even once. She is an epic leader who is worthy of praise across all industries. She truly is a force of nature in the equipment finance industry and we are so grateful to work with her at Onset Financial.”

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