Monitor 2021 Women’s List: Sherri Milliron

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2021

Sherri Milliron,
Senior Vice President,

Sherri Milliron’s career in finance and banking has been perfect preparation for her latest challenge: leading CIT’s operations team in advancing equipment finance technology to better serve customers.


“The future of equipment finance is digital. My mission is to leverage all my experience, leadership and expertise to deliver a world-class online customer experience that will be pivotal to our future growth. My team is completely focused on the challenge of making that vision a reality.”

Milliron’s professional journey began about 30 years ago and has taken her through financing car buyers and dealers, mobile homes, yachts and transportation equipment, and even cows and dairy farms. Milliron came to CIT and developed notable relationships in financing large global technology companies and office imaging clients.

Now a senior vice president, Milliron has focused on delivering meaningful, measurable results, even in very difficult external circumstances like the 2008 financial crisis and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trying to keep people motivated, avoiding burnout, engaging with employees whose family members are affected by COVID-19 and remaining a sympathetic and empathetic leader are among the responsibilities Milliron shoulders as one of CIT’s top equipment finance executives.

“That also extends to our customers who are similarly affected,” Milliron says. “Our goal is to tailor solutions and build relationships that help clients pivot and adjust in a fast-changing environment.”

The key to success, Milliron says, is leadership. “Leadership means helping people understand where to go and how to get there,” she says. “Tough times make that even more important. You can’t always rely on old, tried-and-true methods. Unique environments demand unique solutions. Our results show we’ve been successful and that says a lot about the strategies we use and our leadership. I want to continue to be the best leader I can be and help others grow in their own careers to pay it forward.”

All of this leads Milliron to her next great challenge: advancing CIT’s lending and leasing technology to keep the company at the forefront of customer service and innovation.

“Sherri has a unique way of being customer-centric while balancing what is best for our customers and our company,” Mike Jones, president of business capital at CIT, says. “Her background allows her to find solutions that are significantly better and faster than anyone I’ve worked with. Sherri’s greatest strength is her courage to challenge others — including me — to be better while doing so in an extremely positive way. People strive to emulate her leadership style because of her authenticity and self-awareness and because she truly cares more for her people than she does for herself.”

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